On The Best Time Eve Went Camping

Eve forever! All about Eve! I can't believe more people aren't really into Eve and her kickassedness. Eve I think you are OOOOOKAYY.

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On The First Holiday Negotiating In-Law (or Almost-In-Law) Needs and Wants

@Heat Signature Ugh, this. I feel you on this, deeply. Good luck <3

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On Strong People With Short Arms

@area@twitter I was too tall in first grade. I had five more years of that already-grown-out-of-playground

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On How to Live Practically Forever

@staircases The secret is getting lots of sleep, oh no!

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On Ask Ladies About Engagement Rings

@Bittersweet Congratulations!

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On Being a Communication Ninja


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On I Blew It With Scott Speedman


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On An Interview With Nutella

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On Love Your Friends, it is the Only Way

This is why I'm not sorry about liking Bunheads. Those girls (teenage girls no less, who every show tells us are the most evil conniving terribles) are supportive of each other, like actual humans.

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On Mascarapedia, Volume I

I like the one called falsies, in a purple tube. Not sure who makes it..

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