ugh lol mte tbh

On Unofficial Official Hairpin 3.0 Book Club: The Pillow Book

AHHH THIS IS PERFECT. I'm "currently" reading a Japanese version of this (the kind that has the original olde Japanese with a "modern" translation above it) and it is SO HARD and I can hardly ever get myself to open it. Like I'm talking 10 pages a week in a *good* week (hence the scare quotes around "currently"). Now I have a deadline to force myself through it! Thank you, Hairpin Book Club!

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On Famous People It Took Me Way Too Long To Realize Are Not the Same Person

Val Kilmer, Van Wilder, and Wilmer Valderrama. One of them ISN'T EVEN A REAL PERSON

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On How We Eat

You're so right, natto IS a delicious meal for any time of the day. I should know, as I love natto more than most of the things in this world. In dismissing it as a "putrid goop" NYT joins the millions of people worldwide to whom I say "oh, you don't like natto? How special for you, what a unique opinion, now give me all your natto and I will eat it."

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On On Radical Feminism vs Letting a Trans Person Be

@Jia Tolentino it's because trans women are sex perverts who are turned on by the notion of having lady-parts!!! It's not about female identity, it's about erotic compulsion!!!! (A lot of things in this article made me gag but that one was the WORST.)

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On Can You Patent a Tank Top?

Wasn't the former CEO (aside from being a weirdo and a racist) one of those free-market Ayn-Rand-reading types? Gee, what could be more free market than trying to legally stop other people from making and selling things that you also make and sell?

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On It Was Always Only a Matter of Time Until Sam Smith Covered "How Will I Know"

@I AM DIAPHENA That makes me understand the lyric change less. Is that rude?

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On It Was Always Only a Matter of Time Until Sam Smith Covered "How Will I Know"

What is this lazy, not-nearly-as-good-as-the-original cover tbqh? Morose piano is no substitute for funky drum machine beats, capricious like the feelings of new and possibly-requited love. Also, starting the song with "oh it's you I know" (which LOL) instead of the original "there's this boy..." gives me major "no homo" vibes.

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On The Unlikely Ultimate Insider


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On A Japanese Astronaut Says Goodbye to His Robot Space Companion

@I AM DIAPHENA Sometimes, yes! But usually it's because CNN is all "oh, this person looks Asian, nobody will understand any of what they're saying unless we read it in an OTT, stereotypical YU WAN CHIKEN? type accent."

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On A Japanese Astronaut Says Goodbye to His Robot Space Companion

This is so sweet!

Off-topic-ish, I am so stoked that the English voiceover for the Japanese robot technician doesn't have, like, an "ethnic" accent. I notice that business on American news media all the time and it drives me right up the fuckin' wall. You stay not-racist, BBC!

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