On Armpit Hair?

"Our" lol.

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On Dating a Closeted Bi Guy, Discovering a Boob Fetish, and Sleeping With Twins

@zeytin If you want to know/if he is a 'mo/it's in his kiss [that's where it is]

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On Shop Talk

@T A@twitter "But a question to lurking guys, is there any way to ask a guy to wear a penis extension that isn't emasculating?" Uff, probably not? I'm not an authority on this because I'm too femme to feel emasculated about things, but that might be a bit of a minefield. You might try using the term "sheath"? Or starting with dildos?

I always assumed they'd feel a bit ridiculous to the person with the cock--for me, why bother if you could just switch to a large strapon as needed--but I just read some reviews on extremerestraints.com (which has a few) and the reviewers seem to love 'em. Good luck!

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On Crushes on Professors and "How Can I Tell If I'm Boring?"

@Weasley RIGHT? I mean, of course profs shouldn't fuck their students, but why did this option ("wait three months, flirt with him when he isn't teaching you any more, see what happens") get left out of the response?

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On Interview With a Virgin: Maya

@Megano! "I hope you changed your mind about not pressing charges" imposes on a survivor something we have no right to impose. I understand where you are coming from-- as someone who was sexually assaulted, I desperately regret not trying earlier to hold the perp accountable--but bystanders have no right whatsoever to ask a survivor, already hurt by an assault, to put herself through the potentially retraumatizing ordeal of participating in a criminal case. There are lots of ways to fight against sexual assault, and we as feminists need to find ways to do so that do not place such a burden on survivors.

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On A Pie for Todd Akin

@hands_down @olivebee lol @ liberal handwringing.

UPDATE: Ugh, I'm really sorry, I shouldn't stereotype about liberal handwringing.

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On The Best Time I Got Hearing Aids at Age 32

This is beautiful! Also, keep wearing them on first dates--great way to weed out one kind of asshole!

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On Employee Discount

@Veronica Mars is smarter than me "do any of you have an actual physical issue with" -- short answer is no, you can just use hands to keep it out of the way. Really a non-problem, but for anyone on the market for a solution to this non-problem, there's trimming, which has always seemed logistically difficult to me but doesn't involve lots of pain.

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On Employee Discount

@dk "Your skin is sensitive" is not the right term to use for someone who experiences lasting pain after having all the hair ripped off their genitals, unless by "sensitive" you mean "full of nerve endings." I think it reads wrong in the sense that it sounds like just another way of declaring expertise in someone else's body. I'm glad that many people can wax without excessive discomfort--more power to them--but I gather that a lot of people find the experience to be painful and horrible and that doesn't strike me as a surprising outcome or an indication that they're unusually sensitive.

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On Employee Discount

@anna to the infinite power yes yes, it's kind of rude of Janeane Garofalo to declare herself expert in the genitals of others, but "I did the full wax for YEARS and if it hurts that bad it's either your sensitivity" -- you can see how that reads wrong?

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