By brista128 on Talking to Heather Doney and Rachel Coleman About Child Abuse, the Quiverfull Movement and Homeschooling Policy Reform

@MILFofMagnesia Why do you think that your experience is that of every child, then? "My strong reaction comes from the fact that my family was very dysfunctional and the thought ever being home schooled and cooped up all day with my abusive mother makes me shudder." Homeschooling would not have been right for your family. That doesn't mean it's wrong for ALL families.

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By MILFofMagnesia on Talking to Heather Doney and Rachel Coleman About Child Abuse, the Quiverfull Movement and Homeschooling Policy Reform

Why do you assume the experience of school children is hazing and bullying? Was that your experience? It is not that of every child.
"My kids are 3-5 grade levels ahead in math, 6 -8 years ahead in reading, and you wouldn't believe their elocution skills. We do it all in 3 hours a day of 'work'. The rest of the time? Museums, Soccer with other kids (of all ages), Math Club, Science Team, Debate Team, camping, a state and national level traveling sports team, reading, chess, reading, and just flat out messing around " ---I call bullshit
Just pretending that this is in fact true, what protection do your kids have to make sure that you aren't being abusive and that you are teaching at the level you say you are- are there tests or work they need to submit, does someone come in and check on your kids? That is the point of the article

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By dontannoyme on Meet the Ostracized, Pad-Wearing, Goat's-Blood-Collecting Reproductive Health Hero of Southern India

Great story and a great man. Just thinking about how disempowered these women are that it is absolutely impossible for them to move this forward without a very determined man. He's done something fantastic for women - let's hope one day they can do it for themselves.

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By Linette on False Dichotomy vs Who Cares

I truly do not understand the Tin House hatred. Tin House is a phenomenal literary magazine, and it's respected by all the mansplain-y types, its stories regularly picked for the man-heavy Best American Short Stories . . . why the hating?

Oh, is it because it recently was touted as having a solid 50/50 split of male to female authors? Well, can't have that. Quick, make sure you call it a girl. That'll teach it.

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By apples and oranges on What If I Am Never Anyone's Shorty, and Other Fears

@or Elsa! Just as you shouldn't ask a lady whether she's pregnant, you shouldn't tell someone at the grocery checkout that you hope they have a good party. NEW RULE.

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By stonefruit on What I've Learned From My Side Job Critiquing Dick Pics



oh dear lord


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By peasofmind on The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear: Why I Teach Women Self-Defense


I call bullshit. Just like the reality of rape is complicated (as the author states: rapists are responsible for rape but victims are not powerless), the discussion of self-defense is complicated. The people who are conscious of this discussion in the context of a culture that blames women for their own rapes are not wrong. Talking about self-defense techniques as a response to sexual assault is a reinforcement of rape culture if it's not done carefully. Pretending like that's not true is playing dumb.

These self-defense classes sound fantastic. But conversations about reducing rape that include issues of self-defense, but do not include issues of rape culture, of teaching "yes means yes" consent practices, of making rapists accountable for their actions, and so on? THOSE are the problem. It's not the discussion of self-defense that's wrong--it's the discussion of self-defense to the exclusion of every other aspect.

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By Megasus on A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

@_____c_____ Yes, that's what I meant, just didn't word it correctly. I am aware the FDA doesn't do the actual testing.

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By Megasus on A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

@_____c_____ It's not so much the numbers themselves that are scary, it's the fact that a) it was not properly tested by the FDA before being approved, and b) the fact that women are not told about this increased risk beforehand.

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By Plant Fire on A Post-Lunch Tab

@H.E. Ladypants I knew about this but I know a lot of people to whom it would be super surprising so it's nice that this article is going out. I think most people assume that, because they wouldn't treat a chicken that way (hypothetically, like, if they had their own farm in another life) that no one else would so of course the average chicken is treated fine. I also know a lot of people who are aware that the stuff mentioned in the article happens, but that it's a rare occurrence rather than the standard, who might be surprised to know how common it is. It's not something that's taught in school so you do kind of need to either go out of your way to research it (which means you have to be aware that a problem exists that might need to be looked into) or you need to have friends or family that discuss these things.

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