On How To Write An Email

I love Mary Beard but her observations are almost always hyper-specific to her. Of course, who wouldn't be annoyed by receiving 5 emails a week from schoolchildren whose feckless teachers have inconsiderately foisted them onto public figures, authors and experts?

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On Men Explain Cars To Me

This was just thoroughly great.

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On “What’s In Your Handbag?” Submission Rejects

I love this so much.

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On $3 Million for 7 Weeks

@astauff Got it, thanks. I guess I couldn't get my head around $3 million for 7 weeks, but there it is.

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On $3 Million for 7 Weeks

Just a question for the editors really -- is it $3 million or $300,000? Both figures are mentioned, and it does make a difference, I think.

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On An Interview with Ann Wroe, Obituaries Writer for The Economist

@DarlingMagpie The tortoise was the last of his entire species. Nora Ephron is great, but her voice, her actual words and writing, are more interesting than her life story. I didn't really feel like her obituary needed to be any longer. Better to just go read her writing or watch her movies!

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On An Interview with Ann Wroe, Obituaries Writer for The Economist

Fascinating to meet the writer behind the obituary! I love the Economist obituaries, and I've always wondered about how they come to be written. I missed the one of Benson, though, and I am disappointed that I did now.

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On Interview with a Woman Who Recently Discovered She Loves Group Sex

Whoa, this post is interesting but just reading it is really stressing me out. Right, well, clearly I am not going to be the next interviewee in this series! I mean, not that I ever thought I would be.

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On A Found Poem from Nancy Jo Sales' Vanity Fair Piece About Teens

I was spared all of this as a teenager by being a bookish nerd. I do worry about what would happen to any children of mine in the calamitous event that they happen to be more capable of fitting in socially, or more conventionally attractive than I was.

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On When a Man Writes a Woman

Whoa there, completely disagree about Emma Bovary. The whole book is about her interior life, and I think she is startlingly human. Madame Bovary could be a modern book, if it weren't for the fact that she has so little choice in her life because of the smallness of her rural world and the societal restrictions on women. At various times in her life, Emma Bovary is a virgin, a mother, a whore and a bitch, sure, but I don't see how that doesn't, in fact, make her more fully realised rather than less.

My submission for the most galling example of a female character written by a man: Madeleine of The Wedding Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides. She is basically a placeholder.

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