On "Comfort IN, dump OUT."

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On "Comfort IN, dump OUT."

My mom has breast cancer and is undergoing chemo right now. She told me about her diagnosis on Thanksgiving. I told my two people at work about the diagnosis because I wanted to take some time to be with her after her mastectomy and their reactions were...illustrative, to say the least.

One looked appropriately stricken, said she was so sorry and hugged me. She continues to ask after my mom and I really get the sense that she cares.

The other said he was sorry and that I could take any time that I needed. Then he never mentioned my mom again, even on days that I probably looked wrecked from staying up all night worrying. And when I mentioned that my mom was having her first chemo treatment, he casually said "oh yeah, I have a friend who had that, I know what it's like." Yeah, no. No, you don't.

I also have an acquaintance whose first reaction was to barrage me with questions about how my mom got cancer, what her symptoms were, what were the warning signs, how did she know to go to the doctor, and on and on and on. Like my primary concern should be for the acquaintance's cancer detection efforts. That was unbelievable.

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On Telling Tegan and Sara Apart

"...after the owner asked the two of you to stop making out."

If only. *sigh*

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On "How I Stopped Eating Food"

@parallel-lines WHY did I go to that link? Jesus Christ.

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On What Made You a Feminist?

When some little dick bag in 4th grade told me that Amelia Earhart probably died because that's what happens when you let women fly airplanes...a feminist was born.

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On [Technical Difficulties]

@rimy *good vibes for @rimy*

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On Flannery O'Connor and a New Diet Book

I hope that book doesn't become a success in the US because there isn't a universe big enough to contain my rage at people who think that fasting is a good diet plan.

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@zamboni People always used to say I looked like Blossom too! I took it as a back-handed compliment because I only looked like her in that I had a very prominent nose.

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On The Oscars

@raised amongst catalogs And Tarantino's date's last name is Spiderbaby. What a world.

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