On Wednesday Open Thread

I'm currently sitting in an empty classroom because our University doesn't cancel classes the day before Thanksgiving, meaning that all the TAs have to show up even though all of the students head home. I have one section at 3, and another at 4:30. All I want to do is go drink wine with my boyfriend, who is visiting from out of town. D:

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On Requiem for a New Jersey Blockbuster Video

The Blockbuster in my hometown was also right next to a Subway and always smelled like (fake?) baking bread.

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

This article perfectly captures the Jezebel I knew and loved before the commenting culture got so cliquey, indignant, and toxic that I defected for The Hairpin. My burgeoning feminist, frequently intoxicated college self looooved Tracie in the Slut Machine days, and I followed her blog and Jezebel posts religiously. I miss Pot Psychology.

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On A Wristwatch That Alleviates the Struggle (of Long-Distance Love)

I'm in one right now, and have been for a year... it's only a 1 hour time difference (Midwest to East Coast) which has really only led to a couple poorly-timed phone calls ("I thought you meant MY 8 PM, not yours!")

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On Friday Open Thread

@phipsi Maybe a mustache pint glass? I've seen those all over Etsy and at some of the gift/head shops in my college town. And definitely some weird apparel to put on when things get a bit drinky - maybe one of those knit beard + beanie combos, shutter shades, or a really extravagant plaid scarf?

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On Friday Open Thread

Just checking back in from last week, where I was anxious about going to a new church brunch. Thanks so much for your encouragement & stories about your positive experiences! It ended up being really fun. I felt awkward (as always) but it was great to get out and meet new people (especially fun lefty UU hippies who aren't in grad school, oh yes!) and I definitely plan to attend more of their events in the future.

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On Friday Open Thread

@cat o'clock The night that my boyfriend and I first, uh, consummated our relationship, I visited him after a Halloween party for which I was dressed as Baberaham Lincoln.

So... I'll be celebrating my anniversary for Halloween, but I may or may not bring out the beard and top hat again. Also Titty Roosevelt just made me laugh out loud.

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On Friday Open Thread

@celeec4@twitter Grad school can be SO suffocating. Last year I was still getting accustomed to things so I think I was more easily satisfied, but I feel like this year I'm noticing how insular (and occasionally catty) my program can be and I really need some community and positivity and friends who don't want to talk about school.

I guess I am sort of excited for this given that it's a brunch outing and the possibility of a bloody mary is very high.

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On Friday Open Thread

I did a somewhat impulsive thing last week after being sick of being grumpy and only thinking about grad school/myself all the time, and checked out the unitarian church in town (because really, is there anything better than a theology based on being nice to people and trying to be aware of how interconnected we all are?). It was lovely, and I got invited to a gathering of the "young adults" group this week, but now I'm feeling all terrified and antisocial. This stuff is a lot easier to do when it's impulsive and I haven't had a whole week to get nervous about it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant You mean there are other budgeting systems than realizing you haven't been winging it as well as you hoped this month and then doing furious post-it math to determine how much you're allowed to spend every day/week until the end of the month?

Mostly kidding. I just started using Mint, and it seems okay, but I'm still getting the hang of it.

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