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By R&RKD on Rainy Day

@ImASadGiraffe - I got into the office early just to avoid the rain. Ugh, rainy under 50 degrees is my absolute worst favorite.

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By Probs on Why Cheetos Are Perfect

"They now make varieties with...pizza"?? Man, those are the ones I grew up with. Miserly spread of sauce and cheese on the first two, ALL the sauce, ALL the cheese, ALL the pepperoni on the last one. A towering construct of food-like product, look on my works ye mighty and despair, etc. etc.

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By leonstj on Dates and Dates

@Mae - She is also extra-dumb, because, in my experience, being a dude who has been a blue-collar guy and now an office-dude...

Blue-collar dude is just better at dating. There is something about working all day with your hands that makes you just appreciate human interactions (from talking to...not talking) so much more.

So much of blue-collar work leaves you "alone in your head" that you end up with like, a rich set of inner thoughts you're ready to discuss - most of the best convos of my life have been with blue-collar people after long shifts, when they start talking about some shit they've been mulling over for 8 hours.

Just thinking about it now has me nostalgic. I wish I could call in sick to work any day I have a date and just be a carpenter for 8 hours beforehand.

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By redheaded&crazy on The Grammys, Briefly


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By dj pomegranate on Friday Open Thread

YOU GUYS mr pomegranate and I TIED THE KNOT.

We went to city hall at 8:30 am last Friday and it was freezing, the ceremony took about 1 minute, and then we went to brunch. It was the best.

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By leonstj on President Obama's Interview With "The New Republic"

I constantly wonder what the president's "Workdays" in the White House are like.

And not like, the cool stuff, like time on the phone w/ famous people asking them to campaign for human rights reform. But like...what kind of task management applications does he use? Does he keep 17 different browser windows open at once? Does he spread papers out across the oval office desk, and once or twice a week need to tidy it up for an appearance?

Like, I have never seen a photo of a modern president in front of a ridiculous messy desk. How is this possible?

Also, what percentage of his time is spent "Doing" versus "Reviewing & Staying Aware"? What decisions does the President actually make and what stuff does he just make the decision to hire the best person to his cabinet to make that decision? I mean, he can't be an expert in everything he has to "Executive" all over, so what's that split?

Also, it seems weird that "American President" is the most high-profile job application process in America, and we all get to have a say - and yet most of us know more about running a duck-call business in Louisianna than what the person who actually does the Presidentin' spends his time doing.

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By R&RKD on Friday Open Thread

I just want to advertise that we're going bowling on February 28, and there's also a book club. Click on the 'Hairpin Meetups' button at the top of this page to get connected!

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By Lili B. on Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep

@ImASadGiraffe jinx! Same here. My father cheerfully refers to himself as a "tightwad".

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By Miss Maszkerádi on Affection, Gift Returns, and Professors on Facebook

Also: I'm not usually one to bellow about how teh patriarchy socializes all women into brainwashed servility, but after reading a few of these recent advice columns I just have to ask, ladies of the world, what on earth makes you think that you're "lucky" to be barely tolerated (he GRIMACES!!!) by a man, and why do you think that taking out the trash when asked and picking you up from getting stranded in a rainstorm are grand and rare declarations of true love?

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By iceberg on If You Were a Hyperlink

If I were a hyperlink, I'd want you to click me until I went from blue to purple.


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