On Friday Open Thread

@Sea Ermine I lived in Savannah for 4 years and it is the best! You must eat at Mrs. Wilkes! It's old-fashioned southern cooking. It doesn't really have a sign, but theres a line out the door all the time. (btw, Paula Deans - not worth the wait. Its basically chain restaurant quality)

ALSO - Zunzi's. It's South African and you can eat out in the square.

I practically lived in Lulu's Chocolate Bar. Chocolate + Alcohol + cuteness, need I say more?

All the historic houses are awesome, if you can only see one, I'm partial to the Sorrel-Weed house. The churches are gorgeous as well, and several of them were part of the Underground Railroad.

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On Super Deep Conditioning: A Review

SO if one has truly wrecked one's hair, deep conditioning is a lifesaver!

I got this perm (i know, i know) at a hair salon my friend SWORE by sophomore year of college, and the lady completely fried my hair. It looked great the first day, the second day it had fallen out and was completely straight. Anytime my hair would get some moisture back in it, it would get curly again. During this time, I had a lot of super deep conditioning, because it was really the only thing that made my hair not a frizzy wreck. And I am forever indebted to it.

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On Have Plants

According to this study I need 7.5 plants in my one bedroom apartment o_O

That said, I do have a (very small) basil plant, and I swear it makes the whole apt smell fresher.

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