On Remembering the Alice Series

@90s Hits You wrote that?! OK, let me back up - this summer I went to the library and checked out a bunch of the Alice books (although, sadly, my library now doesn't have them all), and I LOVED re-visiting them more than I'd even thought I would have.

Then I was looking online trying to remember all the books in the series, found my way to that blog, saw your letter, and was like, "Yes! She gets it." So not only was I so tickled to read about how much the books meant to someone else, now I find out you're a Hairpin commenter as well. Fantastic.

Also, I DO want to form a book club, but I actually haven't read some of the later books yet. And my library doesn't have them!

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On Remembering the Alice Series

@Lily Rowan @frigwiggin This is not intended to crush anyone - rather, to make you excited - but over the summer I checked out a bunch of the Alice and Anastasia books in a fit of nostalgia. As a kid, I loved both equally, but re-reading them now, I preferred the Alice books *so* much more. I started with The Agony of Alice, and it just made me feel SO MANY things. If you like YA books and haven't read these, you should!

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On This Is a Goodbye Post

My initial reaction was devastation, but I'm incredibly excited to see this new site. It will be awesome. But OH GOD I'M STILL SAD.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Bette

I'm surprised to hear you describe yourself as, essentially, not that smart, because I was blown away by your eloquence in this interview. You speak so beautifully, and your ability to go from funny to heartbreaking in a sentence... are you a writer?

And, to clarify - despite how delightful I found your words, I don't want to take away from the gravity of the emotions you've shared with us. I hope that sharing your story has been a positive experience for you.

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On Is He a Crazy Douchebag Wizard?

@TheBelleWitch Haha, definitely NOT an engineer. Just someone who gets overwhelmed by decisions and sometimes needs direction!

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On Is He a Crazy Douchebag Wizard?

The thing is, what do you really want out of this? Take some time - a long time - and ask yourself HONESTLY what you're hoping deep down.

If you want things to continue on as they are, but without the guilt of worrying that you're a terrible person and/or he's a d-bag...
...then tell his fiancee, see if she's cool with it, and then carry on. If he won't tell her, then yes, he is being a d-bag. If you do tell her and she's not cool with it (likely), you'll never get what you want. Break up.

If you want to keep seeing him, but be free to date other people...
...tell him that. If he agrees, problem solved, kind of. If he expresses reluctance, you'll never get what you want. Break up.

If you want him to make things less complicated once and for all, meaning seeing you exclusively...
...you'll never get what you want. Break up.

I know I sound kind of flip, but I'm not trying to be. Maybe you're totally cool having things a certain way, and maybe you're not. The bottom line is, you're not happy now, so which option would make you happy?

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On Lemon Olive Oil & Lemon Olive Oil Muffins

These sound amazing! As much as I want to make them exactly as written, can anyone tell me if this should work fine with all-purpose flour (in place of the whole wheat + oat flour), and if so, do I need to adjust the amount? Can't wait to try.

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@datalass My last office was very casual, and a male friend/coworker once mused that he could never get away with going to a job interview on a work day, because everyone would know what was up when he showed up to the office wearing a suit. My boss even asked me once, when I was wearing a dress that was nicely tailored instead of sundress-y, if I had an interview (he was half-joking, but secretly not really). It's nice to at least mix in fancier clothes so it's not so jarring if you ever need to dress up one day for some reason.

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On Takeoff omg

@redheaded&crazie I also haaaate not being able to listen to headphones during takeoff, because I always fall asleep about .12 seconds after takeoff, and I want my headphones in, because otherwise I'm woken up by the little kid behind me ten minutes later, and ugh.

HOWEVER, to stick up for airlines, there is actually a reason you can't listen to music during takeoff/landing - because in the event of a problem (which is most likely during these times), they don't want you playing music so loudly that you can't hear their instructions. Of course, I'm asleep anyway, but I guess there's nothing they can do to stop that. And I can usually (usually!) hear the announcements and wake up if I'm sleeping.

Anyway, my point is, I hate it on a personal level, but I accept it because I actually understand the logic behind it.

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On Takeoff omg

@Clarence Rosario I'm also astounded that they were allowed to do that! Because the thing is, those rules (having all bags put away; not wearing things that affect your hearing during takeoff/landing) actually DO put passenger safety at risk. The issue isn't that they will make the plane crash, but that that will hinder efforts to keep passengers safe/exit the plane in the event of a problem.

As a passenger, I'd be pissed if I saw people hugging their large suitcases during takeoff, and not only because I hate people who assume rules don't apply to them. If something happened and caused that suitcase to go flying at my head? Yikes.

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