Alexis. 20ies. DC --> Chicago. Has strong feelings on Men's Shorts, Henry Rollins, and matte lipstick. I have been to lots of parties and acted perfectly disgraceful but I never actually collapsed.

On Pretty Women on Bikes

@ohmy I live on Western, and every day we have to leave the apartment, my roommates and I play "Are We Going To Die On Western Today?" So far, the answer has been "No!" or "Almost But We Made It!"

I have not taken my bike out because I'm terrified to go from Western to Milwaukee, even with the bike lane.

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On 2NE1, "Falling In Love"

I LOVE 2NE1 SO MUCH. I am actually restraining myself from posting ALL of their videos. ALL OF THEM ARE GREAT.

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On The "Prom-posal"

@Kira-Lynn@twitter He was their only son, so they really retreated from people for a few years, but I do plan on saying something the next time I see them.

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On The "Prom-posal"

So! The first 7 boys I asked to prom said no, which has not had a lasting effect on me in terms of a debilitating fear of rejection, what are you talking about, who told you that.

The best/worst one was the guy I asked because we had 8 people planned for a limo, and if we went together we wouldn't have to get a bigger one. Practical! It took him an hour in the Chipotle to finally get around to a firm no, after laughing a lot and saying it was "cute" that I asked. My mom asked a family friend to go with me (!) BUT he was really nice and I was the only one with a corsage. We ended up taking the Metro to prom, and waffling Chipotle dude looked terrible in this mint green jacket he got from UO and I looked fly as hell, and he later sort of apologized but I did not accept because my 17 year old pride would not let me. Prom was fun!

Sad ending: The February afterwards, the wonderful family friend who took me to prom died in a car crash, and I regret not really telling him how he really made that night wonderful for me.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll The 19th works for me!

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On Friday Open Thread

The Chicago bowling pin-up was so much fun!

I went to the dentist and now my mouth hurst so I am making this in anticipation of eating hard foods. Leeks take forever to brown.

I am also waiting to hear back about a 2nd round interview, ahhhhhhhh

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

@MissFae omg the BLOOP feeling that is exactly what it is.

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

@tealily So I twist by grabbing ("grabbing") near the top of it and, uh, twisting. I had tried grabbing near the stem, but could never get it to turn, so I went higher up and that did it. It did mean my fingers went farther into my vayjay, but we've be come a lot better acquainted since I got a Divacup so it was fine.

So if you're having trouble twisting, try grabbing higher up (but not the rim, and be carful not to squeeze it) and seeing if that helps. If not, you might need to try again :/

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

@yunkstahn yeeeessss and I was like "!!!! oh god!" and then I washed 10000 times, put it back in, felt really gross like everyone could tell (no one could tell), and when I got home I boiled it for 100 years and then carried on with my day.

Have had no vagina diseases (?) so I think it's ok!

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On He Doesn't Know If You've Been Bad or Good

@LacunaKale I mean, I had a complete break down, was crying and inconsolable for like two weeks, even though my mom had a beautiful explanation of "Santa was real, and we keep his spirit alive by giving gifts, he lives in you Simba, etc." It was pretty bad! It wasn't the worst part of my childhood, but the bullying and nasty racism I experienced didn't cause such a dramatic reaction. Getting told I was ugly and anyone who looked like was ugly when I was 7 didn't have me in hysterics, I internalized it and it became a normal thing to think about myself or have someone say to me.

So when I say "learning about Santa RUINED my childhood," it was more along the lines of learning that something that was above people and beyond day-to-day life, someone who only cared about how you acted not what you liked like, wasn't real that made me super upset. I believed in Santa because I though that he believed in me, knew I was good, kind person, so if he wasn't real, maybe I wasn't.

The Tooth Fairy, however, was an obvious sham from the start.

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