On Alizé Gold Passion Pineapple Upside Down Cake

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My niece is named Alize and she is named after the beverage because her very young parents believed it played a role in her conception.

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On Debt-Sharing and Mismatched Ambition

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Also have gone through miscarriage and also came through wanting kids more than ever. Going on a solid year of trying after a few months of not NOT trying after. It is so much harder to get un-used to the idea of being pregnant.

Internet hugs and best wishes to you all!

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Eat With Your Allowance This Week

YES, the knife! I specifically asked for this knife for Christmas the first year I was married and my husband did not think the knife was a fancy enough gift so he also got me diamond earrings. I would have been perfectly happy with just the knife. I use it the most, followed by my paring knife and then my amazing Kuhn Rikon bread knife. Now that I think of it, all 3 were gifts that I specifically requested. Good thing my family knows I'm just weird and not stabby (most of the time).

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On Friday Open Thread

@papayalily Yes, do this! My brother raved about his fancy shaving stuff for years and I convinced my husband to try it and he loves it! I've gotten very reasonably priced supplies online from West Coast Shaving.

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On Aideah and Sophayden

@Curiouser and curiouser It is sad that Lisa is no longer popular. I think it's pretty (but I am biased), and it's easy to pronounce and spell, so that's a bonus. Also if it gets passed down to my daughter it will be different!

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On "The Proxy Marriage"

@Beaker Yes, proxy weddings are A Thing. A friend of mine got married by double proxy (proxies for both bride & groom) in Wyoming because her fiance was deployed overseas with the military and they wouldn't have been able to get all of the military paperwork done for them to live together if the waited until he was home on leave. They had a small ceremony once he was home a few months later for friends & family. Crazy that neither of you actually has to be there! Also interesting was that the proxies got paid to do this, so job opportunity?

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On My Case With Accutane

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First world problem- annoyed to have to fast all day only once a month for a blood test for a very expensive acne medication that my parents insurance covered.

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On My Case With Accutane

I am also in the Accutane 2 Round club. It was definitely a treatment of last resort for me. My derm had me trying out quite the variety of oral antibiotics and topical meds for years before suggesting Accutane. I took it for 4 months each time, first in 1998 then in 2002. It did yield very good results for me each time, and the results lasted even longer the second time. I am now starting to get the cystic acne again, but it is much easier to live with at 31 than it was as a teenager. Plus, I'm hoping to have babies soon so I am willing to suffer to avoid putting chemicals in my body.

The dry skin and lips were worse the first time, but it was winter in the midwest. The backs of my hands even broke out into a rash from my sleeves rubbing against the skin. I carried a tube of moisturizer a small sample tube of Aquaphor for my hands and lips at all times.

Fasting for the blood tests was difficult the second time around because I was in college and couldn't get to the lab until around 4 pm. I was always starving by the time I could finally eat. Only once did the doctor have a concern about my liver enzymes and had me stop taking any pain relievers that month and they returned to acceptable levels.

Thankfully those are my only complaints and never had any of the more serious side effects.

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On How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Vacation With a Miscarriage

Lisa, so sorry for your loss and I feel for you as I have also miscarried. I went for a regular checkup at 13 weeks expecting to hear the heartbeat for the first time. After a doppler, an regular ultrasound and a "wanding" with no heartbeat detected I was struggling to maintain my composure. The doctor told me about the good news (as if any of it sounded good after the bad news) that at least we knew I could get pregnant and that the pregnancy was in my uterus and not ectopic. You'd think an OB would be a little more sensitive to the timing of her comments. Thankfully I saw my regular doctor a week later and he was very sympathetic and warned me that people would say crazy things. Thankfully I didn't hear too much else, but I did kind of block it out and reminded myself that people mean well but if they haven't been there they really can't relate. You could also add that people will seem to forget. I'm sure not everyone does, but sometimes that's how it feels. I'm so grateful for family and friends who still find ways to let me know they haven't forgotten even if they are unsure how to bring it up.

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On 10 Small Talk-Appropriate Questions to Ask Instead of "So When Are You Two Going to Have Kids?"

Yikes, as a lady who is in her early 30's but has only been married a year, and who has recently had a miscarriage, I would say PLEASE don't ask! Trust me, if the lady/couple considered you close enough to know, you'd know. Either that, or they want to bring it up themselves, not be blindsided by your well-intentioned query. If you still feel you must ask, be prepared for any responses including, but not limited to a brush-off, an abrupt change of subject, a polite (or not) request to mind your own business, lies, extreme sarcasm, public humiliation, TMI with as much gory detail as I can think to include, and one of us in tears when it's all over. And if you ask me on Mother's Day I just may punch you in the neck. Oh, and if I call you and say "Guess what" please don't always guess "You're pregnant!" although that could be partly my fault for asking you to guess.

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