On Sometimes State Quarters...

@Third Wave Housewife finger lakes holla!

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On Sometimes State Quarters...

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher i know. i remember my friend simon (from kentucky) saying that they were a ploy by the government to sell more custom plates.

they still make me smile if i see one on the highway though. and any postmarket edits are a plus. i have a short attention span and i need entertainment wherever i can get it.

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On Sometimes State Quarters...

getting connecticut one always makes me really happy. so pretty. and now i want kentucky. i also love the kentucky smiling sun license plate.

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On Beauty Q&A: Sex Hair, Fur, and the Perfect T-Shirt

@Annie Murphy@facebook this does sound very tempting.

i've been doing a slightly less drastic thing, no soap and occasionally a sugar/honey/olive oil scrub. i have fairly nice skin so i haven't had the impetus to try the oil but i think my boyfriend might need it.

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On Beauty Q&A: Sex Hair, Fur, and the Perfect T-Shirt

@Ophelia i wish there were deer skin things, i love the pattern and they're overpopulated. i remember hearing the deer where i grew up were now being professionally culled and the meat donated to food banks. it would be nice to be able to use the skin too.

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On Beauty Q&A: Sex Hair, Fur, and the Perfect T-Shirt

tshirt-wise i'm all about the american apparel tri-blend. i own like 3 the track tees and 2 v-necks. they're not tissue soft like LW1 was talking about but that soft like an awesome vintage tshirt, and not sheer like so much of their stuff. i love american apparel schadenfreude as much as the next girl but i really hope they don't close so i can still get those shirts.

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On Nana's Clothespin Ornaments

the spats! oh my god. your nana is amazing.

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On Let's All Make...

@sox do it! i have one and it's the shizz. all my glass needs are met and i've been making soy container candles.

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On How to Buy Vintage Jewelry

i have somewhat small hands and sometimes have trouble finding cute rings that fit. once i bought a navajo child's opal ring in new mexico and the seller told me that a lot of these rings were from times of famine in the 1920s when the families had to sell everything.

i felt a bit bad but it was so cute! it's ok since that was a long time ago right?

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On I'm Finishing the Cookie Dough

@Aunty Christ that's the kind of thinking that is the point of college. congratulations, job done!

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