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Also: to anyone working the shit retail job/12-hr restaurant shifts like I was a year ago, esp those of the new-grad-limited-marketable-skills nature: you CAN travel.

If you have a 4 year degree, there are bajillions of opportunities to live and work in Asia (I would look in Korea or China). It will be infinitely easier to get a work visa/work-illegally-if-that's-your-bag in Asia than in Europe. Which means delicious, delicious healthcare.

Don't speak the language? Asia not your bag? Me neither. But there are tons of jobs here that will pay you more than enough to live on comfortably while you pay student loans/credit card debt/save money for where you really want to go. Plus, I'm actually paid to gain experience in a field related to those I want to work in, which making fish batter was not doing.

It ain't all wine and roses by a long shot, but I'll tell you that a year away from being terrified of my bank statements, 2 hour bus commutes, and being forced to move home has done more for my depression and anxiety than being locked in the Mall of America/inside of a deep freeze 40 hours a week.

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Groan. I get the feeling a lot of old people are looking back on their youth and thinking that they will tell us that travel is more satisfying than spending that money on a fancyspants car instead of a sensible car, or a big house in a snazzy neighborhood instead of a just-big-enough house in an okay neighborhood (but still in an excellent school district). Which, okay, is probably the choice they made when they were young, and is not bad advice. But! And this may shock some of them right out of their pacemakers, because dear lord do some old people never take a second to really connect with their grandkids, this is usually not the choice the young are making today.

So it winds up being like when grandpa is scolding you for being so frivolous with your money and buying an ipod (by which he means an mp3 player) instead of saving for a house, and you're sitting there thinking "Okay, gramps, I will just refrain from buying TWO HUNDRED of these things and then I'll be able to afford ONE HOUSE PAYMENT."

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I didn't take that travel advice as "spend the money you would spend on food and insurance and rent to travel to Senegal because you have to travel and see the world." I took it as, "adventure in real life is better than sitting on the couch or that pair of shoes that are awesome but you'll only wear twice." There is no reference in that quote to travelling abroad or sacrificing necessities. It's about choosing to see the world, however you can manage it and however far you can go for now.

I spent a long time not being able to go places. I was pretty sick in my twenties and in and out of doctor's offices all the time, I was also depressed and medicated and sad. And sometimes the only thing that made me less of those things was going to a new place and seeing something I hadn't seen before. Preferably a place that cost less than five dollars and could be reached via public transportation. I think it's because it reminded me that the world was big and exciting and there, even when I felt like it was a giant suckball.

That sounds sanctimonious and pollyannaish, and maybe it is, sorry. I guess I just think I get what the old folks are trying to say.

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You're right, Olds! Travel is waaaay more important that my rent and also eating! Plus when I get to that foreign country, I will be soooo thin and also beautiful.

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Oh my god, I'm so bitter today, and my reaction to all of this advice is slowly lifting my middle fingers and yelling SCREW YOU GRAMPS, I HAVE A SHITTY RETAIL JOB, ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES, AND MY MOM DIED YOUNG SO I PROBABLY WON'T GET OLD ANYWAY.

I always want to take this kind of advice to heart, but I never can, especially since all the old people I know are poor and mean like me.

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By The Lady of Shalott on Look Up, Look Down

@parallel-lines I also do not understand any of these things, seriously. But specifically when it comes to No Pants Subway Rides? Are you kidding me? Any time I am on a subway I like to get as MANY layers as possible between me and the surfaces therein. Holy shit, you know what people DO on subways? It is so disgusting it doesn't even bear thinking about, the numbers of people I have seen cough all over/sneeze all over/people are probably out there licking items in the subway, I don't even know.

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By Ophelia on Beauty Q&A: Sex Hair, Fur, and the Perfect T-Shirt

@Xaxa Yeah...at the risk of getting PETA'd, my christmas present this year was a Canada Goose parka. They come with coyote fur around the hood, but they do get their fur only from Canada, sustainably managed coyote populations, never from fur farms, etc. I figure, if I'm going to eat a hamburger, it's pretty hypocritical if I refuse to wear fur, but I want the same amount of due diligence re: where it came from, and how.

Plus, a coyote at my family's cat, so now we're even.

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By itmakesmewonder on You in Revolt

@emilylouise The worst part is that it should be Gekko.

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By insouciantlover on I'm Finishing the Cookie Dough

@Alice Prin This combination either means that you're pooping a lot or not pooping at all.

That's what holidays are all about. Pooping and not pooping.

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By special_boots on A Christmas Sweater for Claire

To be fair, she did kind of bring it on herself. Even on the rack, that sweater is a very strong contender for Ugliest Thing I Have Ever Seen. Sales make people do peculiar things.

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