By polka dots vs stripes on From the Mailbag: Put on Your Crowdsourcing Hat

I would like to join Liz's mom's book club, please.

Posted on October 24, 2012 at 4:31 pm 3

By Mira on What Do We Have in Common With Michael Phelps?

@Sarah H. Can I tell you a super embarrassing story? I actually ordered "a National Bohemian, please" at a sports bar a few weeks ago, with no idea that it was the SAME BEER as the Natty Boh that made my college years so great. The waitress kind of smirked at me and said, "You want a pitcher of Natty Boh?" and I almost died of humiliation.

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By parallel-lines on Where Is Jane When You Need a Winter Body Wash?

@thebestjasmine They used to make a shower gel (skinny dip) but discontinued it the way they do with everything I love. I hate you, LUSH, you're my emotionally unavailable boyfriend.

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By Porn Peddler on Sometimes State Quarters...

@propermake HAY. i know there are plenty of Canadian pinners, so can any of them explain how things work in strip clubs over there? The version I've heard is that strippers will stick a loony to their ass/boobs/whatever with spit or something sticky and customers try to knock it off her by...throwing more loonies (i dont know how this benefits anyone but the stripper and why it has to be a game of oh my god ow stop throwing coins at me this is horrible) THIS CAN'T BE TRUE, CAN IT?


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By RK Fire on Sometimes State Quarters...

I love how the bear on Alaska's quarter is all like "oh shit? am I going to be able to catch another fish?" It's okay, Alaskan Bear! You have a fish in your mouth, remember? There there.

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By JessicaLovejoy on Sometimes State Quarters...

"Caesar Rodney" will be new fake ordering coffee-or-food name FROM THIS DAY FORWARD.

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By Petrichoria on Sometimes State Quarters...


Ohio is not cribbing on North Carolina, okay? The Wright Brothers were born in Dayton, Ohio. As were the most astronauts and the most presidents in the history of everything!

Step off Ohio is all I'm saying, okay? We will cut you. Then we'll invite you in for some pierogies.

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By Ophelia on Sometimes State Quarters...

@applestoapples Some state quarters don't want to admit they had a nose job-gone-wrong?

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By Katie Heaney on Sometimes State Quarters...

@Katie Heaney "I bet those fishermen are father and son. Awwww!" - me five minutes ago.

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By atipofthehat on Buy a Plane Ticket

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher

Yurt kidding!

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