On Interview With a Mosquito

best thing ever!

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On Drinks for Hot Days, Like This One

@cosmia have you tried a negroni sbagliato? it replaces the gin with white wine and is a little lighter. personally i love campari but you could try this to take off a little of the taste.

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On Kerry, What's in Your Closet?

don't bring those shoes here! save them. any kind of suede, woven, perforated leather is out of commission for 9 months/year and you will ruin them if you take a chance on the wrong day.

a good pair of riding-style boots are a necessity.

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On He's Not in the Vagina Business

i netflixed the object of my affection twice. first and then again a year later because it looked good and i forgot that i had seen it. it is that unmemorable! and the whole time i sat through it a second time thinking, "i don't think i saw the end..."

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On Notes on a Wonderful Genre: Rewatching the First Season of Downton Abbey

i'm so excited that my male roommate has started watching downton abbey. so much to talk about! he says it's because dudes online have said it's a good accompaniment to boardwalk empire.

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On Smoking Weed Two or Three Times a Month

@Trilby @Manatee why did i not think of this? workout plan back on track.

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On Sometimes State Quarters...

@gobblegirl that's what happens in the uk. but a 5 gbp is a lot, isn't it? there's a big difference between $1 tip and a $8? dollar tip.

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On Sometimes State Quarters...

@Lily Rowan i want to know legitimately how much of this has to do with strippers. higher or lower than we assume?

i remember an incident years ago when my friend hugh tried to give a stripper a 10hkd coin instead of the equivalent note and she made a snide comment. and then my other drunken friend went apeshit about him embarrassing him in the club and a fight ensued. with spitting involved. oh 20 year old american boys in asia, good times.

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On Buy a Plane Ticket

@Steph link to your blog please. i want to see.

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On Sometimes Pig-Themed State Nicknames...

i am printing this out and hanging it on my wall. thanks library of congress!

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