On The Luckiest Bug

If the weevils I've had to learn to coexist with in my apartment looked like this I wouldn't be so annoyed by them.

Then again the weevils in my apartment are only like 1/16 of an inch long instead of an inch long, so there's that.

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On Don't Tell My Boys I Love This Song

@vanillawaif I humbly submit No Myth by Michael Penn to your additions. There, now we have much of the contents of the playlist I have called "Shame" even though I truly have no shame about it.

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On "Eek!!"

@iceberg I know I'm kind of late to this, but as a candy bowl-having office manager I feel like I'm qualified to answer:

The candy is definitely there for sharing and if explicit invitation has been given no judgment will be made about how often you partake (I am assuming you aren't dealing with one of those weird and sad passive-aggressive co-workers who secretly or not-so-secretly resent people that take them up on offers of generosity). If you are a frequent partaker occasional donations of candy will be welcomed and appreciated and will totally win you brownie points, but they aren't expected or required.

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On Happy Hour: St. Germain Is the Best

@cocokins I too love amaretto sours (and have since I was 21, thank you very much) and second the amaretto idea suggestion.

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On Acne Makes Us Do Crazy Things

@dustwindbun Hello, fellow corrosive-vagina haver. Not only does my vagina eat holes in pretty much every pair of underwear I own (in addition to the bleaching), I also have pajama pants(that I sleep in, sans panties) with holes. And that is thick cotton! Alien hoo-has unite!

Maybe now we know how the vagina dentata legend got started?

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On Internet Ouija Board, Round Two: The Justin Bieber Baby


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On Acne Makes Us Do Crazy Things

@Roxanne Rholes @MaladyDee No you are not the only ones! Oh my god I thought I was some kind of freak of nature when this started happening to me a couple of years ago. I am glad I'm not alone. (I have never told a soul about this either.)

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On Please Explain Scaring Yourself?

@chirdia You have reminded me that I read every book on ghosts, the paranormal (including UFOs), and hauntings I could find when I was a kid. I can only imagine what I would have done with the internet. And what the librarians thought of me.

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On Please Explain Scaring Yourself?

@leastimportantperson As both a pro-spicy and pro-horror person, I think this description is accurate.

And here is as good a place as any to add this distinction: although I love horror, I hate gore and violence that's there just for shock value. It's cheap, tacky, and lazy. Give me some good old-fashioned mind-fucking, please and thank you.

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On The Best Time I Occupied Wall Street

@parallel-lines I worked as a sales assistant for three years, in the back office for three years, and then did compliance for two. I had a nervous breakdown. I still thought somehow I could make a difference. And then I got fired so they could hire a man to do it because they didn't like a woman telling them how to run their game.

I changed careers and every day I realize how much that industry screwed with my head, screwed me over, demoralized me and decimated my faith in humanity. I feel like a person that was brainwashed slowly being deprogrammed and adjusting to the real world again. I am still so angry about the whole situation that I know I am going to require years of therapy to get past it (once I can afford therapy, that is).

What I really wanted to say was thank you (and the rest of you in this thread) so much for the work you are doing, because you never get enough thanks for the shit you have to put up with every day. Those juiceboxes would fall apart without you and the worst part is they (well, most of them, anyway) don't even know it. Trust me, I know.

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