On … Or Any "-Ism," for That Matter

*whispers* I used to be a Libertarian.

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On Brief Autobiographies

Maybe it's me, but I think people really need to read her whole story before they start tearing this woman down. I'd hate to think that my life story is a personal endorsement of the decisions I've made. It's not.

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On My Case With Accutane

Was it discontinued? I took it in 2009. Maybe it was roaccutane, though. My biggest complaint is that I didn't take it as a teenager (I was 27 when I started taking it). It's been life changing.

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On Oh Curves, You're So Weird. Bless Your Heart.

The one my mother goes to does an old-lady version of zumba a couple of times a week. My mom looks awesome now!

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On Fortnightly Infidelity

@Megan Patterson@facebook Yes! Oof, that lady was horrible. I still don't think she was completely convinced what she did was wrong.

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On Thank You, Mindy Kaling

@SlapHappyPappy That was my first thought. What's wrong with racking up graduate degrees, Mindy? Some of us can't get jobs!

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On Take This Halloween Costume Idea ... Please

No! I already had plans to go as the Morton Salt Girl this year.

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On Internet Ouija Board, Round One: Ashton and Demi


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On I Only Took the Test to See What the Questions Were

Whoa. 86%. In all fairness, I just finished the Time magazine piece on Perry. Still. I don't even want to know that much.

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Significant Others Have Said: The Bracket

@whatdream That's amazing.

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