On By Any Other Name

Best thing I've read here in a while, thank you.

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On Notes From A Future Shitbag Mother

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On Dress Your Family In Your Lover's Shoes

@Plexia Same... and it's not as self-evident to me as it is/was for the author that $65k in the bank should disqualify a family of three for the dole ("Ireland's form of welfare").

Still, this really hit home for me.

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On WIRED: Edward Snowden Interview

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On WIRED: Edward Snowden Interview

Speaking of which, hairpin/awl media, you should consider supporting https/SSL and, holy shit, you should definitely not send passwords in clear text like you're doing.

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On WIRED: Edward Snowden Interview

He's a hero. Encrypt everything, run a tor relay, give to the EFF, etc etc... let's end this bullshit.

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On The Worst Flirting in the World (in Ascending Order)

@Kira-Lynn@twitter Kinda curious what it was he "meant as a compliment"

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On Ask a Fancy Person: Occasionless Gifts, Chemo Baldness at the Office, The "Thanks For the Birthday Wishes" Anomie

@Sister Administrator I thought I liked hearing about cousins and stuff, but the sad truth for me is that the closeness to those long lost people was kind of a lie. I appreciate that not everyone's mind is destroyed by the impulse to share things they are living, or by wasting time considering how many people liked or wished happy birthday or how to reciprocate, etc. But fuck Facebook.

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On On clothes, class, anxiety, and the many lies of minimalism

I could have considered the URL first, I guess, but that link is NSFW.

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