On Happy Day After Valentine's Day

@New Hoarder Oh man, I think I was about 10 too when I checked that book out from the public library! It seemed like a fairy tale to me!

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Be Your Own Valentine

@ghechr I need to get over being too cheap to go to the tailor, for real.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Be Your Own Valentine

@Katie Scarlett Oh god, you guys...that thought didn't even occur to me until y'all brought it up and now I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Be Your Own Valentine

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Okay, so I am tall-ish (5'8"), but I too have a tiny torso and petite shoulders. AND I have fleshy hips, so either skirts dig into my chubs or they go up OVER the chubs and then I'm flashing my bits and that is never a good look. Oh, and if I try to purchase things to sit on my hips without digging into my chubs, then they are so big they fall down. I had this issue with underpants-under-skirts for a while.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Be Your Own Valentine

@alphabiddycity Girlfriend, don't sweat. I do actually HAVE some sexy underthings, but I never actually wear them and instead wear the same two non-sexy bras I own...the same exact style, one in nude, one in black. But not at the same time. Because that would be weird. Have fun buying sexy things!

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On One of Those Things Nobody Talks About

@iceberg I do NOT do well at funerals, but when my boyfriend's father died, I was THERE, there was no way I wouldn't be. But I was a soggy, gibbering mess because it brought up all my feelings about my own dad and yes, my boyfriend had to comfort me, but in a way, it helped him cope with the day because he had somewhere to focus his attention and not just on his father. But I did feel like a super jack-ass for being all emotional.

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On One of Those Things Nobody Talks About

@every tomorrow@twitter Oh man...SO MUCH THIS. My dad died 15 years ago. In my job, I am constantly working with new people and so I am constantly telling my life story to new people. And it tends to come up that my parents live in Tennessee now, that they moved there when my step-dad retired. And that inevitably leads to the question of, "Oh, where is your dad?" To which I respond, "He passed away when I was 13." And there is a definite divide between people who have lost a parent and people who have not. The people who have not lost a parent immediately get uncomfortable and awkward and they apologize for asking and abruptly change the subject. People who have lost a parent tend to say they are sorry to hear that and they lost their mother/father x years ago and we sort of nod at each other and the conversation moves on.

Also, my boyfriend's father was sick and passed away pretty early on in our relationship. And in a weird way, the shared loss of father became a bonding point in our relationship, because I was able to be there for him and I knew what it was like to have a sick parent and to have a dead parent. And my boyfriend wants to talk about his dad and tell me stories and I want to listen, and it's also nice because it gives me an opportunity to talk about MY dad, which is something I wish I had had so many years ago. So yeah.

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On Beauty Q&A: Freeboobing and Cute Pajamas

@OxfordComma Oh boobies that were once lovely & fantastic Ds and over the course of gaining weight then losing weight then gaining weight then losing weight then gaining weight and FINALLY losing the weight & keeping it off...well, let's just say that the stretch marks I got when I first sprouted boobs now look like wrinkles. And my girls don't necessarily SAG so much as droop. It's a sad situation. I've told my boyfriend (who will eventually be my husband and who is also an officer in the Navy) that when he becomes captain of his own ship, I get to get new boobs. This will be post-having-babies, so then maybe I will do some free-boobing.

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On The Color-Matching "Game"

8.3 with a 10 in Saturation. I have to say though, I didn't find it stressful. But then, I tried to NOT use my brain much. I did it on a laptop touchpad and I just sort of moved my finger around until things matched...I didn't think too much about like, "Oooh, that is MORE saturated" or "Well, that is clearly more green, so I should move this way." There was a sort of disconnect. And that worked for me.

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On The Best Time I Thought I Saw Michael Jordan

@Xanthophyllippa My godfather is a dead ringer for Kenny Rogers. His name is Dennis, but everyone calls him Denny. And as a small child, I was convinced he secretly WAS Kenny Rogers, but that it was his secret identity. And then once when I was in 8th grade, we had to make this autobiographies and we had to have pictures of our family and I included a picture of me & my godfather. My teacher was like, "Oh wow! You met Kenny Rogers? That's very neat, but I don't think you should include him in the 'family' section." And I was like, "No, that's my godfather." "Your godfather is Kenny Rogers?!" "No, my godfather is Dennis Risk. He just looks like Kenny Rogers."

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