On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Home Décor

Had the same experience in Paris needing an "emergency" wax and not speaking a lick of French, other than "un cafe creme." Luckily for me the lady was portuguese and with the exception of me trying to figure out whether i should tip her, was able to get successfully de-follicled using only my limited high school spanish (which apparently is NOT portuguese, btw). I figured Paris is super sexy, so whatever depilatory service they give me could only help, right?

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On The Betrayal of Bikini Bottoms, or, Meet the Butt’s Butt

Whenever hairpin has a great article on something perfectly suited to my (albeit, puritanical) tastes, it sells out before i can get even a glimpse...good for retailers, bad for Eris' terrible butt-butt bikini

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On Photographs of Dead Married People

All of these fair fellows being photographed at the ripe old age of 25.

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On How to Slow Dance on Television

I remember these days...a little too well. I think we must've studied this show, because with great shame, I recall trying out some of these very same moves at the monthly "firehouse dances" for kids back in '87. The shyness; the awkwardness; the glance over my shoulder to see if any of my girlfriends were getting kissed by a boy yet; the aloof stare over his shoulder, to avoid looking in his eyes; hiding my hands behind his neck to seem relaxed rather than utterly terrified that I was actually dancing with a boy. Good times, good times.

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On You Look Tired

these are all great tips. The only concern I have is with the brown eyeliner suggestion. A makeup artist "to the stars" once told me he uses brown eyeliner to MAKE a woman look tired, or otherwise consumptive. I'd stick to black, or very black, eyeliner. Maybe off-black, if you're fair of skin.

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On The Six Best Pliosaur and Pliosaur-Related Videos Online

Watching these from my desk while only thinking about my lunch break makes me want to work for National Geographic and make videos that would wow 10-year olds. Then I would love my job. Really.

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On Chicago: The Drunk Tea Party

I wish I lived in Chicago. Anyone in Toronto interested in having a tea party?

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