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On 13 SpoOOoky Witchcraft And Magic Museums To Visit

@Jolie Kerr will be trying Cascade trick this evening. Thank you so much for the quick tips! And sorry for hijacking the comments to talk about my own probs, HAHA.

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On 13 SpoOOoky Witchcraft And Magic Museums To Visit

@Jolie Kerr Also, glad to see you here! And hooray for witch museums! I haven't been to Salem in a good long while, but I make sure to holler "BoooOOOOOOoook!!" pretty frequently during this time of year

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On 13 SpoOOoky Witchcraft And Magic Museums To Visit

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On 13 SpoOOoky Witchcraft And Magic Museums To Visit

@Jolie Kerr: I'm feeling nostalgic, but I really could do with an Ask a Clean Person regarding body funk on bath towels. I took a gander at my husband's towel the other day and it was kinda gross and brown, I'm guessing from body oil and him just assuming that clean body=clean towel=don't have to rotate towels too often. Anyway, a lot of it came off thanks to some Oxyclean and Rockin' Green (made for cloth diapers), but it's still got this brownish hue. Thoughts? Is it the oil, as I suspect? Or is it the same problem as yellow/brown armpit stains? Must I throw the towel away?

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On How to Change Your Password: A Heartbleed Guide

Haaaaaa, Jack Johnson.

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On These Are the World's Best Tights

@champignondeluxe Ha! I had a similar mixed-feeling: pride that I recognized him at first glance, then a little bit of shame? Oh well. Keep on keepin' on, Peter Pan guy.

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On These Are the World's Best Tights

Thank you for that photo of Peter Pan up there.

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On Talking to Heather Doney and Rachel Coleman About Child Abuse, the Quiverfull Movement and Homeschooling Policy Reform

I must admit, when I was in grade school (I went to public school for all but two years of my 12 year education...the other two were spent in a parochial school), we considered homeschooled kids very "other." That is to say, we automatically thought they were weird. Probably none of my friends actually *knew* a kid that was homeschooled, but there was something so very different about it that made us feel superior. I see now how idiotic I was.

As a children's librarian at a public library, I can honestly say that the kids who are the least shy, the most helpful, and the most willing to participate in programming are almost always homeschooled. They are able to ask for what they want (or ask about how to find something out themselves). I find them to be very independent, but in a really great way. It's how I imagine kids who grew up 100 years ago acted--a little bit "older" for their age, not so screamy/entitled/bratty/brash like some of their school-going peers. Of course, I'm making a blanket statement here. There are LOTS of awesome school-goers, and a few weird/awkward homeschoolers, but on the whole, my experience with homeschooled kids has been extremely positive.

I do believe that minimum regulations should be a MUST (children should learn how to read, for example), but I see why some homeschooling parents might bristle a little at lots of oversight--avoiding "teaching to the test" might be the reason they homeschool, after all. What a complex, highly nuanced issue, especially when there are SO MANY reasons to homeschool (or not). Great interview, Hairpin. I agree: I miss seeing more stuff like this.

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On Become a Beautiful Baby Tiger With Kim Kardashian's Contour Tutorial

This has become my favorite Hairpin feature. NEVER STOP, @Justthetips!

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On We Hacked Anthropologie

I love this, and I love them. And THANK YOU for mentioning how obnoxious the term "hack" is. Gah. I hate it.

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