On The Bestworst Guy

@Daisy Razor Well Played! I also am not a fan of Ms. Swift but, that song is winning me over. Damn, this thread has made me feel all the feelings. I fear I came off as bitter. I'm not, but the ouchies hit at the most random of times. He definitely was and is the Best and the Worst. It's just never in the past where is can get that uncomplicated golden glow when you have to continue to negotiate your relationship. I like the idea of putting a jaunty spin it.

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On The Bestworst Guy

I married my best/worst guy. His eyes are like melted chocolate and to this day nobody can make me snort laugh like he can. The person upthread that said intensity is not intimacy spoke the REAL TRUTH! I wish 23 year old me knew that. However, if she did I would not have the pleasure of knowing a little girl that has the same beautiful melty chocolate eyes and ability to make me snort laugh. I do wish I could filter his emails and change his name in my phone to "Soul Crusher" but I don't want his daughter to see that. I may change him back to passive aggressive ringtone though. Suggestions? I was previously using Toxic by Brittney

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On Loaner Shirts, Neon Books, and the Meanings of Sleazy

@brad I am replying because thumbs up seemed inappropriate. I actually gasped with horror. Who would do do that?!

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On An Interview With Jessica Valenti

@whateverlolawants I am a parent that chose to move my child from the under performing school she was in to one across town that was almost its polar opposite in every way. No amount of rabble rousing was going to help my child get the resources and education she needed in that school in the three years that she left there. We moved because my divorce from her father presented an opportunity. The school that she goes to is in an area that is modest but has been colonized by entertainment types so, housing prices have skyrocketed. We live in a one bedroom apartment because NOBODY vacates the larger apartments. Sometimes I feel a little guilty because the school we moved to was considered undesirable 10 years ago and most people sent their kids to one of several nearby private schools. The school is now one of the most desirable in district due to the hard work of many parents that wanted their home school to be really great. I value public school. My father was a public school teacher. There really are no easy answers to this question. The questions only get harder when you have a responsibility for one specific child. The schools are overcrowded and unfortunately, YOU are the only person who see this whole child. It responsibility to advocate for this person and see that they get what they need. Change in Public Education is like trying to turn the Titanic. Also, Gifted education these days is not like it was when you were a kid. In our district there are a few magnet schools that get the bulk of the teachers trained to teach gifted kids and the resources to do so . Elsewhere, IF your kid has been tested, that's it. You are told that your child's teacher will extend the curriculum to accommodate and challenge your child. Class sizes have gone up and quite frankly they can't. The focus has become the tests. If your kid seems to be doing fine (decent grades, not disruptive and good test scores) then the school considers their work done. Even if that is not the case. Sorry, I'm just feeling a little frustrated because I feel like she is getting left behind. And reading people's comments about "Why don't people just make their home schools better?" didn't help. The comments sound a little "Let them eat cake"

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On The Period Pie

@themegnapkin I was just thinking the same thing. How cute we're all synced up!

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On The Purse Pie

@polka dots vs stripes I relate to you soooo hard! I feel like I am naked if I don't have something to write in/on and a book. So, in my ebay sourced vintage(70's) coach bag you will find....
One bulgy wallet (receipts don'tcha know)
one kindle fire (I mention this because it is the awesomest external hard drive eva! Get rid of your depo transcripts. Seriously, they're revolting!)
4 lip products they just move from bag to bag
Ball of Keys
Small sanitizing hand lotion (genius!)
Travel size advil
Digital camera
Phone and charger
A fold up whiteboard (Loved yet never used. However, I just know one day my fold up whiteboard and I will change the World!)
And a measuring tape that has a level in it.
Writing this out has brought home that this may in fact be a sickness. I am going to press send anyway and share my shame.

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On Friday Open Thread

@catspajamas Thanks guys! I am going to take a little time this weekend to think about how I can turn these lemons into a lemon meringue pie. I work as a Litigation Paralegal but, I am an art school drop out with a gift for tech wrangling. I think I am going to investigate trial presentation. Today I was feeling too old to start over doing something else. My mom reminded me I was going to be old whether I started doing something else or not. She meant that in a good way.

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On Friday Open Thread

I am terrified that after five years I don't want the career I've worked so hard to get. Not to mention that I am not really that far along in said career; Not to mention that there's an economic downturn and I am a contract worker and should be happy to have a gig that pays well. Yeesh, I think I just needed to get that outside of myself. Maybe I should become a fortuneteller, because I see some wine in my future.

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On Debt-Sharing and Mismatched Ambition

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On Geek Love

@Krispy McGrumpypants Last night I mentioned this to said daughter and there is no possibility of keeping her away! It would be an awesome mother daughter trip as it seems to have things we will both enjoy. I hope I'll see some of you there.

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