On Friday Open Thread

@anachronistique I think it's absolutely perfect that it blew up on tumblr (and i'm sure elsewhere) out of the blue.

now i'm waiting for it to get dark so i can go sit alone and listen to more episodes.

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On Friday Open Thread

Anyone else listening to Welcome to Night Vale? I'm just getting into it after seeing a a ton of fan art on tumblr. It's a Lovecraftian, borderline-absurdist, "community radio show" podcast about a community where things like glowing clouds that dump small animals from the sky are normal. Also featured: dog parks we are not to speak of or look at, congregations of hooded figures, and the beautiful and perfect Carlos (I'm only about 6 episodes in but trust that most of the fan art I have seen is of Cecil and Carlos, and it's intensely adorable even with my limited knowledge of the two men.)

I was skeptical after the pilot but I couldn't sleep last night and listened to a bunch. When Cecil began to question his very existence and had to call an intern into the studio in order to ascertain if he was alone in the universe I pretty much became devoted.

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On The Evolution of Miss Scarlet

@Umlauts ACTUALLY YES, I have vivid memories of play acting this on my birthday with friends. I was always Colonel Mustard though. I don't ... I don't know why.

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

what's that one song? will.i.am and britney bitch? i just. it's not even a song. it's just a series of sounds placed next to other sounds. monotonous. i think i can recognize a grand total of 3 different notes. god, i hate it.

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On Friday Open Thread

so like a friend of mine, who is a very good friend, is thinking she needs to end things with her boyfriend. this friend has been with her boyfriend for over 3 years now and they live together and their lives are pretty entwined. if this friend breaks up with him it'll be more or less a divorce. anyway. nothing is really WRONG but my friend (she's a great friend btw) just doesn't think she's in love with him and doesn't think this is the relationship she wants to be in 'forever.' she thinks that if she feels that way, it's pretty unfair to keep things going. but. she's not sure how to do this, because in other relationships things have clearly gotten to a point where they need to end. despite really caring for him, she's not crazy about him and wants to be crazy for someone and want a future/maybe kids with them. is that wrong?

does anyone have advice for my friend on long term breakups? divorces? i will definitely pass it on to her.

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@Miss Maszkerádi It's the moon from the Zelda game Majora's Mask for Nintendo 64. It's a great game, and legitimately tense! You only have 3 days to stop the moon from crashing into the earth and there's a giant clock on the screen that's always reminding you that you're running out of time. You can travel back to the first day and try new things until you can save the town, but the city's music will speed up each day and the moon gets closer and it has that terrifying face!

btw screw playing it as a kid, get a rom and play it now!

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@elissa_what? haven't read it, but ...

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On Friday Open Thread

look people he is in his underwear surrounded by adorable dogs in basically every episode what else do you want

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On Friday Open Thread

@meetapossum Yeah plus there's the whole "stomachs are made to digest organic matter" issue. That was a pretty in-tact ear! And there was some serious teleportation going on. It's probably an 18 hour drive from Baltimore to Minnesota. Maybe Hannibal has a private jet? That he also pilots?

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