On Intrauterine Devices FTW

@blee i went to planned parenthood and qualified for the income based benefit. it was free!

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On On Watching Disgusting Things Online

@cosmia OR the steve irwin death video? i'm a google low life.

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On Khal Drogo, the Lifeguarding Years

@parallel-lines it's probably the goatee, long pony-tail get-up.

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On Look, We're Gonna Talk About the Gatsby Trailer Now

@parallel-lines You should see Shame, she was really creepy and horrible. You forgot the "buggy" thing because she was so good at making her character horrible.

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On Not Chasing Amy

@jinsher i need the drunk to recovering phase to be explained. maybe that's where all the anger comes into play. maybe he has many, many journals of "You suck, friends!" and "Amy's a sociopath!"

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On Who Wouldn't Want to Touch Her Feet?

@liznieve am i terrible for being annoyed at this seemingly pretentious comment?

"We did a father-daughter bonding trip in Provence for a couple of weeks after my daughter had spent a year doing her diplôme supérieur d'études françaises at the Sorbonne and living in a tiny garret in IVe."

i just....can't.

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On Who Wouldn't Want to Touch Her Feet?

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On Mothers' Day

Awesome! What a great story and life!

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On Scarlet Letters of Endearment

@olivebee but the P-word makes more sense for being lame right? and the C-word would mean he's being a big mean douchebag?

also, using colloquials to describe colloquials is confusing.

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On What if He's a Gay Serial Killer?

@melis thank you, thank you for this.

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