On Like a (Book) Virgin

@SarcasticFringehead In the spirit of the Unapologetically Reading Fun Things Safe Space, I could NOT put The Dresden Files books down (or The Hunger Games, for that matter).

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On Light-ish, Hippie-ish, Side Dish Ish/Help

I like to make mujadara (it's basically lentils, onions & rice) instead of dressing at Thxgiving, because I don't like dressing but it fills the same savory side dish place. It's so simple but deceptively delicious. Best results when you carmelize the onions slowww (like 45 min). My midwestern meat+potatoes family loves it, despite their initial skepticism.

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On Jackie Chain & Nick Catchdubs "After Hours" Mixtape

I didn't have time to listen to this until tonight, and yes, at first it does seem kindof terrible BUT THEN track 2 is over and things get way better after that and I've listened to it twice so far tonight while prancing around practicing my "dance moves" while also eating pizza, because multitasking. Survey says: recommended.

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On Woman Not a Fan?

And Edith said that the Hairpin would be a little light today! Pff.

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@dj pomegranate Which is why the best blogs are half content and half comments. Pardon us our running jokes and familiarity!

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On Woman Not a Fan?

I've never read xojane or Rookie (or Hello Giggles, for that matter), but I'm so insulted that the Hairpin would be compared & lumped in with every other lady-blog on the internette. Maybe because I identify with this site and I'm just insulted by the idea that I'm just like every other lady out there.

Regardless, I think that finding a blog or a forum that's comfortable and entertaining is like finding anything else - one person's favorite jeans aren't going to fit everyone perfectly. If Molly isn't getting what she needs from these lady blogs, she can keep shopping or start her own. What's the big deal?

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@EleanorRigby Not being a reader myself, I was under the impression that Hello Giggles was more of a forum for content contributed by readers... do they have "official" writers?

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On Where Is Jane When You Need a Winter Body Wash?

Just seconding all the coconut oil and argan oil talk, but also, I've found taking Omega-3s to be really helpful, i.e. fish oil or flaxseed oil. No matter the amount of creams and oils I slather on, my hands/nails fall apart in the winter and it seems that they're more affected by what goes in my body than what goes on it.

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On Where Is Jane When You Need a Winter Body Wash?

I just want to say how wonderfully not-gross and validated I feel by this thread. Solidarity in logic, ladies!

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On Jackie Chain f. Freddie Gibbs & Maggie Horn, “Night Is Young”

I was listening to/sending a text about my long-term love for "Parked Outside" merely seconds before this post.
I never get tired of exclaiming, "AHHHH it's like the Hairpin is in my brain!!!"
ETA chair dancing, ughhhhhh <3 u Jackie Chain

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