On Writing, Depression and Learning How to Handle Attention: A Conversation with Allie Brosh

@Anna Weber@facebook I also cannot stand Terry Gross!! She is officially The Worst. A few of her stand-out terrible interview questions: when she was interviewing Melissa Leo a few months before Leo was nominated for her Oscar, TG asked her NUMEROUS TIMES questions that were: "In [such-and-such film] you worked with [so-and-so male costar] -- what was that like?" Over and over again she asked these questions, as though the only possibly interesting thing this very accomplished actress could talk about is what her experiences with dudes were like. Gah! Another quintessential Terry Gross moment of terribleness: she was interviewing the delightful, terrifically talented cartoonist / illustrator Christoph Niemann, who had just published a children's book, and TG idiotically asks, "What is it about animals that kids like so much?" ...Huh? Great, incisive question there Terry.

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On "I don’t want her to wear her good nature like a gemstone, her body like an ornament"

I find this article baffling and, honestly, really sad. This little girl "will not smile at you unless either she is genuinely glad to see you or you’re telling her a joke that has something scatological for a punch line" and "when strangers talk to her... [s]he looks away, scowling." That's a far cry from her resisting socialization to be *always* nice as some kind of emblem of femininity, as well as a far cry from opting not to "smile at the frat boy who's raping you." Is it really that hard to teach the lesson that being nice to everyone, including strangers, is a laudable way to live as a human being on this planet, but that it's not "not nice" to assert boundaries when someone is making you uncomfortable, etc.

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On Your July-August 'Pinup Roundup

@Miss Ursula Let's do an East Bay pin-up! And Miss Ursula, welcome to Oakland! Why don't you tell the rest of the class a little bit about yourself? Between myself, my boyfriend, and our friends, we have the gamut covered of nerds, geeks, and obtuse intellectuals, so if that sounds like your scene, drop a line :)

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On Experiments

Currently, I am in the midst of a many-years-long experiment to see how much weed I can smoke before anything bad happens. So far, it's jut made my life more awesome but if that changes I will be ALL SET to write up something for The Lancet.

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On Conversations With Old Men

I miss this older gentleman who used to live near me in New Orleans. At the time, I still had California plates on my car and one of my favorite memories of him was one morning he came by SUPER-early and banged on the side of my house and started hollaring out, "Miss California Dreaming! Ohhhh Miss California Dreaming!!" until I came to the door.

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On Conversations With Old Men

@Yankee Peach I miss mine too :( He once gave me the good advice of "don't use sex as a weapon" which I appreciated all the more because it was apropos of literally nothing when he decided to counsel me about this.

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On Breaking News Round-Up

Cousin Jackie? I thought she was Aunt Jackie? #90sTVpedantry #thebestkindofpedantry

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On A Letter to Everyone I Know Regarding RuPaul's Drag Race GIFs

Oh yes honey!

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On [Move/Do Not Move] Directly to [New City/Another New City]

Perhaps you are thinking of him non-stop because the idea of picking up and moving to a new place is kinda scary no matter what, and the idea that there may be a warm, familiar person there for you helps you deal with the idea of restarting your life in a new place. I mean, that's the kind of BS my tricksy brain would try on me if I were in this situation. The solution is just to catch yourself when you're spinning these "maybe we'll get together and it will be awesome!" fantasies and remind yourself that it's just a fantasy, that there must be other reasons besides the distance that you all broke up (I say this as a lady who is in a 4-year relationship, 1.5 years of which were spent long-distance), and New City is full of tons of awesome dudes who you haven't even had the chance to meet yet.

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On The J.Crew Crew

This is amazing and I love it. She should do the (absurd) Anthropologie catalog next!

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