On Ask a Glutton: When Your Food Groups Are Cheese, Chocolate, and Coffee

My go-to new mom food prep gift is mini quiches made in muffin tins. They freeze well and are good for any meal. I have made various flavors including kale & bacon, butternut squash & sausage and sweet potato and something I can't recall. I don't do a crust though, so I guess they're more like frittatas - however, you can put (frozen) hashbrowns or waffle-cut sweet potatoes at the bottom as a faux crust.

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On Friday Open Thread

@jasonwaterfalls I'm sure you're not as normal as you think you are, or rather, you're just as normal as everyone, and everyone has something to talk about and work through. I also think that people who are relatively normal and well adjusted might can actually sometimes get a ton more out of therapy that people who are not. Or rather, that your life can go from functional to way better, rather than a mess to functional.

I wouldn't expect that you'll open up everything during your first session. As for how you can tell if it's a good match, that might take a little bit of time, but trust yourself to know.

As for knowing what to say - trying to explain what motivated you to go in in the first place. Try to avoid fill in all the silences with lots of chatter. If there's some awkwardness, that's ok. It helps to identify and say what you're feeling. Like if you feel awkward, you can say "This feels awkward to me right now." and the therapist will probably say something like, "Ok, can you tell me an example of something that is making you feel awkward." and can go on from there. Good luck!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Hot Doom As a person who looks at resumes a lot, my main suggestion is the following:

Make sure your resume passes good skim test. It sounds like your strengths are that you have actual training from real museums plus education and training. Make sure that when you scan the resume, these are what you most notice. Often this means using formatting strategically and taking out a lot of random expository text.

I would do something with headers like:

Related Work Experience
Other Work Experience (this may be small, highlighting areas of interest)
Related Training & Skills

In the example you give above, I think the training you had from Museum USA in object handling, should go under Related training & skills, because I think it will be valuable and will be better highlighted here. This allows you to be more specific in the job responsibilities and accomplishments, like, I handles these object for this type of exhibit (or whatever).

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On Friday Open Thread

@Mae I would just apply. If you move forward to a second round, then reveal that you wouldn't be willing to leave until the end of the year. (But, depending on some factors, you might reconsider that. Even with a big bonus, the right career move can make a bigger difference in the long run.)

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On Envisioning a Better Beer Can That Is Just a Beer Can

@RNL yeah, or the pull tab tops. Even just the can art might be enough.

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On Envisioning a Better Beer Can That Is Just a Beer Can

I don't understand why the mass beer manufacturers haven't make special throwback cans. It seems like the instagram generation would love them.

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On Fast Fashion and the "Economy of Unquenchable Desire"

@stuffisthings I think the "local" is meant to be shorthand for places that have labor laws, and also to cut down on shipping and manufacture of disposable goods. I think then follow-on idea is ethical production throughout the world, perhaps with a higher pay scale and focus on durability and craft over disposability, and perhaps manufacture of good to be used locally (ie, Bangladeshis make clothing for their local economy rather than making clothes for the US that are then later glutted into their own market).

But I think your point is well taken - people need jobs and often those factory jobs, even with their conditions, are safer and better paid than farming and whatever other heavy industry you might otherwise see. The whole thing is a clusterfuck for sure.

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On Life Lessons From Jane Campion

@mochi Bright Star is wonderful. Angel At My Table is worth watching, too, in part because it's worth knowing about Janet Frame.

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On What Is a Summer Jam?

Hot in Herre. I mean, Ignition, of course, but Hot In Herre is a huge fave of mine.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Hello Dolly Good luck! I'm not a single homeowner, so I can see how it's a little harder to decide when the whole weight of the decision is on you...But I think you'll know when you know. I mean, (usually) no place is perfect, and it's definitely scary, but I think when you have something where all the factors add up pretty well, you can do it and feel good about it. I think it helps to have a list of must-haves, must-not haves, and maybe some intangibles and just write them down...

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