On The Language of Honey Boo Boo

@queenofbithynia yes all the way to your first point "re: rubes." I went on a road trip through a lot of the south with a girl who was a born-and-raised rich Manhattanite, and she definitely had this idealized version of the south and rural southern culture in her head, and it was so cultural-touristy and weird. I am not from the south, but I am from the rural-ish Midwest (suburbs on one side, corn fields on the other) and it still bothered me.

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On Do You Suffer From Bitchy Resting Face?

I suffer from some combination of BRF and Significant Look Resting Face. I often have to assert strongly that "I was just looking at you, not Looking at you," to my friends. It's a problem.

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On In Search of a Better Definition of Bro

@Danzig! A couple years in college I was friends with this group of guys we would call "Sarah Lawrence bros." They played basketball, were kind of preppy in the way that they all came from money but didn't dress like it, there was the whole tight-knit dude group vibe, a little bit of womanizing shit because they could get away with it (70-30 ratio whaddup). Coke instead of pot, because of the whole rich kid thing. BUT. Their favorite thing to do, and the reason why they were Sarah Lawrence bros and not just regular bros, was to get drunk and talk passionately about philosophy and/or literature. It was entertaining.

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On Memories of Austen and "Pride and Prejudice"

@anachronistique It's so funny! If anyone tells me they think Jane Austen is boring, I always point them to Northanger Abbey. Although I don't think I would've gotten all the jokes if my mom hadn't given me the context for all the satire.

That movie sounds amazing! I will definitely check it out.

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On Memories of Austen and "Pride and Prejudice"

My mother is actually a bit of an Austen scholar, or at least was while she was finishing her undergrad. She took herself on an Austen tour of England a couple years ago--they exist, like, official, guided ones, but she basically decided to just do it on her own. All her stories from that vacation make me so jealous and excited to travel on my own when I have the time/money to do so.

Considering how much shelf space we have devoted to Jane Austen at home (at least one copy of each of the books; P&P is the most at three or four different editions, if I recall correctly) it's amazing how little I've read. Pride and Prejudice was my first, then Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey, though I can't remember in which order. Over the holidays I started Emma, but I forgot to bring it with me when I came back to school.

I think Northanger Abbey is my favorite, though it's hard to decide between that and S&S. I have a special soft spot for it, though, because I used an excerpt for a speech project in 10th grade. We had to pick an excerpt from a book and match it with a piece of music that fit the tone/mood. I used the section where she can't sleep and Austen writes this whole wonderful gothic-style description of a tree at the window and the noises the house makes, and basically just the terrors one can work oneself into at night in an unfamiliar house.

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On Hierarchy of Airport Crushes

@Nutmeg I was once on a flight in a normal-sized plane with like eight other people. We had rows, plural, to ourselves, and it was glorious. If only it had been longer than an hour and a half...

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On Hierarchy of Airport Crushes

@SockHopBop Yup. Also because most of the times I've flown in the past four years have been to/from college, so I'm usually some combination of hungover, exhausted from finals, and super emotional about leaving school/home.

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On Hierarchy of Airport Crushes

@meetapossum I always scope out a few attractive people at the gate, and then of course I always get seated next to the 50-yr-old businessman or whatever.

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On The Best of the Best Music of 2012

@Alli525 Yusssss Macklemore is the shit! Two friends from Seattle introduced me to him this fall (independently of each other, no less) and it was like the new car thing--all of a sudden I noticed him EVERYWHERE. "Thrift Shop" is my jam, but also the video for "Same Love" made me cry? I was possibly already over-emotional due to PMS and finals, but it's an amazing song and a fantastic video. Macklemore is one of my favorite things right now.

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On Beauty Q&A: Do You Smell What I Smell?

@muzivitch There are places where Fleet Farm is called Farm and Fleet? Whaaat?

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