On Beauty Q&A: Grays, OTKs, and Sleeping in Rollers

@meetapossum i once had the opposite problem. i thought i found my first gray hair, but it was a stray from my roommate's white cat.

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On "Each has the other’s name tattooed on his inner lip"

@melis i'm not star warsy enough to know precisely what you mean, but i will note that i have way more sympathy for clones in fiction than i assume most people do.

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On "Each has the other’s name tattooed on his inner lip"

@one cow. as a twin, i'm only slightly joking when i say that this sort of thing offends me.

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On "Each has the other’s name tattooed on his inner lip"

i have a twin sister. we're actually not sure whether we're fraternal or identical; we're dichorionic (look it up) and we were told growing up that we were fraternal, but it turns out there's a 1/3 chance we're identical anyway (we're very alike).

anyway, i'm sure the author of the post and my fellow commenters are totally well-meaning and nice, but this all sounds hopelessly naive to me. a pair of twins is like a married couple. some get along perfectly and do everything together, and to many others they can seem very weird. others don't get along at all. some compete with each other, some don't. any feeling that you can imagine having about another human being, including hatred, is something one twin can feel for another.

i'd say jealousy is probably almost universal among twins, it's just that some people feel it often while others feel it rarely and/or try to avoid thinking about it because it grates against their mutual closeness.

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On Hairpin Costume Drama Club: Wives and Daughters

@Fodforever middlemarch is on netflix. it's kind of different from some other period dramas, but i loved it.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Cary Grant's Intimate Bromance

lovely post all-around, but i wanted to particularly thank the author for the term fish-kissing and its explanation. nice to know there's some reason for the baffling way people sometimes kiss in old movies.

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On What Old Book Do I Read If ... ?

i love old books, yall. but, and i'm going to try to come up with a not-super-crabby way to say this, the "i wish i had a twin" thing is pretty patronizing to those of us who actually are twins. i love my sister very very much, but talking to her about books isn't a dream come true. ask anybody from the one english class we took together in college.

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On The Care and Keeping of Contacts

the tap water amoeba thing actually happened to momus (electronic musician guy). the tap water in question was in greece. i have no real reason to believe that water treatment is poor in greece, but if i ever go there i will be paranoid since i'll never forget the momus story.

stories like this make me glad i'm a girl scout about my contacts. i think one time i spat on one, but that's the very worst i've ever done and it was an emergency.

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On Snobs, Erotica Decoder Rings, and the New-Relationship Gift

i just want to add my voice to the chorus of people who are certain lw3 needs to break up with that abusive wiener right away. anybody who makes fun of the way you talk when you cry is a terrible person and a terrible boyfriend. he's massively insecure, maybe a narcissist, and definitely a bad person who will probably never be less of a dick.

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On Namesakes and the Air Force

i'm an army brat. i've never been in the military myself and my experience of the army is a little dated, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt if you like.

the military isn't perfect, but it has some great qualities. there really is a certain esprit de corps that you don't get in just any organization. it provides a lot of order and comfort in some ways. yes, it's also risky, but whether you'll be sent to a dangerous area depends a lot on what you'll be doing and your particular expertise. my dad spent his entire career in medical administration in the army, and had a lot of opportunities to help civilians and people in other countries in the process. he never had to kill anybody or even seriously contemplate it.

the one really scary thing is that you do sign away certain rights when you join the military. it's basically a necessary evil, but it's complicated. they can tell you to take a drug and you have to take it (like the anthrax vaccine). if you fail to follow orders you can be court-martialed and the penalties in military prison are often more stringent than civilian prisons. i know this might sound scary, but i don't mean it that way; it's just something people need to know and make peace with before they commit to military service.

the main thing i'd point out is that you won't know what your experience will be like unless you find out specifically what it's like it the little corner of the military you'd be working in. so i'd try and find someone who does what you'd like to do and talk to them in particular. depending on how niche-y your specialty is, they may even be able to tell you where you'd be stationed. they could definitely tell you the advancement potential and the sort of duties you'd have.

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