On A Migraine *Just For You*

mine don't usually involve as much pain as others seem to have, but i almost invariably get some kind of light show. usually it's either yellow or white lights, always moving but in various ways. then i may or may not have a lot of pain, but i get super tired and often kind of stupid and slow for several days. every medication i ever tried gave me side effects that were as bad or worse than the headache itself.

my only remedy, home or otherwise, is sleep. i have to sleep as much as i can as soon as i can, and if i'm lucky i won't feel weird for a whole week.

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On Dating a Closeted Bi Guy, Discovering a Boob Fetish, and Sleeping With Twins

regarding LW2: when i was younger i thought maybe i was gay or asexual because the idea of penises didn't do anything for me. turned out i liked actual penises quite a bit once i got to know them. even trying out one real penis isn't necessarily an accurate test, since some of them (and some of the people they are attached to) won't be for you. my point could be taken as super-heteronormative and i don't mean it that way; if you think you like girls give that a go. but sometimes being not-into-dicks when you're inexperienced is kind of a fakeout.

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On Telling Tegan and Sara Apart

as a twin i'm game for the joke, but still constantly surprised at people's misconceptions.

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On Long Distances, "Terribleness," and the Skin-Crawly Feeling

@queenofbithynia those are indeed "garbage people." thank you.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Ronald Reagan Plays the President

i can personally attest to how totally weird and amazing king's row is. i strongly recommend it, but less as a good film and more as an achievement in how totally insane a melodrama can get.

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Went to Rome

this whole entry is lovely, but the thing that made me want to comment was the use of the singular "panino." it made me really happy, so thank you.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Long Suicide of Montgomery Clift

clift is awesome and so is this post, but i must insist that stalag 17 is a really well-known film and william holden is great in it.

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On We Few, We Happy Few

yes! i love this movie. when it came out i was twelve and my parents were mid-divorce, and for probably the only time ever i leveraged their guilt on purpose to make them take me to see this movie three times total (once with my dad, twice with my mom).

i still watch it regularly. my very favorite is when he tells montjoy "bid them achieve me and then sell my bones."

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On Second Favorites, Gold Stars, and Sex Not Had

i guess i may be the only one (the only one commenting anyway) who feels this way, but i don't like that relationship rule at all. i think there are lots of sane, even kind reasons why you may not tell your partner about something. i've told partners things in the spirit of full disclosure before, and often it did nobody any good.

anyway, doesn't that sort of miss the point of trust? if you trust your partner, you know that you may not know everything in their head or heart and everything they ever did or are doing, but you trust that you know that they'll tell you the things they really should.

then again, i've been single for ages so perhaps i'm just way out of practice.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: That Divine Gary Cooper

@bitzyboozer thanks for pointing that out. back when i was ten or so, roald dahl was the first lesson i ever had in that unfortunate cliche that sometimes the people responsible for creating your favorite things are ultimately terrible human beings.

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