By katzenklavier on Multilingual Gibberish

Her language skills are awesome, but those are not remotely the sounds of Portuguese!

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Friday Open Thread

@Onymous So, you'd like still photos of midwives, and for the camera to slowly pan and zoom in, then fade and go to the next still photo? (That's a Burns burn.)

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By hallelujah on Rich People Not Feeling It ("It" Being Empathy)

Eat the rich.

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By Peltdown on The Bathroom Whisperer: How to Really Clean a Toilet

I just gotta say it. I hate clean people. I'm sure you're all perfectly lovely in your souls, but I hate living with you and and I hate working with you and I hate having you over my house. If I live with you no matter how much I torture myself with cleaning that I don't want to do, it's never good enough. If I work with you you judge me more for the fact that my desk is cluttered than the fact that I am a bomb ass teacher-- I got fired for a messy desk! Once again, I am a teacher, not a secretary! If I have you over my house you judge it and me. And why can't I at least just leave my bedroom messy? Why are you looking in my bedroom? Why is there soooooo much psychic distress over the issue of cleanliness? Once again, it's not like I'm not trying, but there is no goddamn pleasing you. It is not a moral issue, and clean people have caused me so much misery that I would never think to cause!

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By Non-anonymous on Do Not Pass Go

@wee_ramekin Considering the tens of millions of copies of the GTA games that have been sold, it's weird that no one who's not a hardcore video gamer seems to know anything about the games except that you can kill prostitutes in them. It's as if everyone who has never seen "Titanic" just knows that at one point in the movie you see someone in steerage dance an Irish jig.

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By adorable-eggplant on Solution: Deal With It

@Emby I wish they would stop saying men and start saying "23 male undergraduates [and 99 female undergraduates]" (who are probably doing this study for credit or 8 dollars or a snack).

Psychology get your research methods game together.

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By JessicaLovejoy on I Don't Care, I Can't Stop, and I Love It: Miley Cyrus and Ironic Decadence

she adopts Jamaican patois briefly

*literally throws papers in the air*

I am going to 7-11 and I am going to buy something terrible like a Four Loko. I don't care what time/day it is. Done. DONE. See you in 20.

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By Clare on Who's the Squarest-Jawed of Them All?

As much as I love Michael Caine as Alfred, I stand by my assertion that Batman Returns was the franchise's high-water mark. Viva Keaton.

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By queenofbithynia on Friday Open Thread

@lawsome30 I will retroactively take back all my laughter if he permanently physically harms himself or others. or if this is a fake twitter account.


the idea that he perpetrated a massive "fraud" by teaching feminism and gender studies while knowing fuck-all about it and having no historical background in it -- it's not a fraud when everybody knew it all along! That was 9/10ths of what all his mean old feminist haters hated him for long before anybody knew or cared what he was up to either texting-wise or attempted-murder-wise. No fraud took place. That was why it was so irritating to see everybody go round and round the question of is-he-reformed, did-he-change -- who cares, he is a bad scholar, an incompetent feminist, and his blog essays were not very good.

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By queenofbithynia on The Language of Honey Boo Boo

Friedman, who lives in Massachusetts, says that perceptions of Southerners in other parts of the country are more nuanced than just “South = rubes.”

well, yeah. and re: rubes, it's an attitude of goggle-eyed admiration as much as snobbish condescension; the most common ignorant northeasterner perception I know about is the one of worshipful awe, that treats southerners as a mass of beautiful noble Rousseauian savages, full of a simple love and a special connection to earthy folksy folk music and folk culture -- the Americanest of Americans, all this crap. It has always been the perception that unscrupulous entertainers played to the hilt, with a lot of calculation and deliberation. It's pretty much inseparable from an automatic equation of southerners with white southerners (which, I must say, this essay pretty much embraces -- nothing wrong with partitioning it off and focusing on white southerners, focus is useful and interesting, but when the "we" starts out as this expansive Virgina-North-Carolina-Georgia regional identification and suddenly without warning narrows into whites only, it has a kind of bait-and-switchy effect.)

but to return to the point, a great deal of how southerners are portrayed is actually how southerners portray themselves (the Housewives may be all choreographed and fed lines, but Jeff Foxworthy, for one, is a for-real Georgian.) And for whom? There is a lot of popular mythology about southerners as canny exploiters of their own image as aw-shucks-ing yokels -- showmen who know exactly what they're doing and have the lowest possible estimation of their audience's ability to see through it. I am not suggesting that this stereotype is any more true than the one about southerners being for-real yokels, but it's always there. & I also think a lot of this business is sold to southerners, by southerners, with a wink and a nod -- you get this very heavy undercurrent of they think we're serious, but you and I know better -- it's self-representation with heavy, heavy layers of camp and archness and irony. It's been that way for, I don't know, a good hundred years at least. I have always had a difficulty with this aspect of represented southern culture -- it's exactly the same difficulty I have with camp in any of its forms; I am theoretically in sympathy with the aesthetic but I want to yell YES I GET IT ALREADY.

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