On Get Ready for a Lot of Ads for Whiskey Stones

@Nicole Cliffe Nicole, that scene is one of the loveliest, most moving things I've ever seen on a screen.

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On "...I was trying to move these huge, big luggages all by myself..."

Should you happen to be possessed of a certain verbal acuity coupled with a relentless, hair-trigger humor and surface cheer spackled over a chronic melancholia and loneliness — a grotesquely caricatured version of your deepest Self, which you trot out at the slightest provocation for endearing and glib comic effect, thus rendering you the kind of fellow who is beloved by all yet loved by none, all of it to distract, however fleetingly, from the cold and dead-faced truth that with each passing year you face the unavoidable certainty of a solitary future in which you will perish one day while vainly attempting the Heimlich maneuver on yourself over the back of a kitchen chair — then this confirmation that you have triumphed again and managed to gull yet another mark, except this time it was the one person you’d hoped might be immune to your ever-creakier, puddle-shallow, sideshow-barker variation on “adorable,” even though you’d been launching this campaign weekly with single-minded concentration from day one … well, it conjures up feelings that are best described as mixed, to say the least.

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On Friday Open Thread

@par_parenthese HANG IN THERE!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Best pun ever. I'm around! And I have also been using anger as a motivator to get on with things after a breakup a year ago. An apology is not something I ever expect, so I can't imagine how confusing that must be. If the anger helped you through, there must have been valid reasons. Is an apology enough, even if it is genuine?
I don't know if I can offer any advice, but I don't like the idea of you alone and sad. Sending good thoughts your way.

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@SarahP Oh my god and he's dancing to Ignition?? BEST!

Congrats, Jane! You both look so happy and beautiful!

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On Christmas Music From Sufjan Stevens, Tracey Thorn

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On Christmas Music From Sufjan Stevens, Tracey Thorn

@katiemcgillicuddy Hurray! Rabid Sufjan fans are my people!

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On Happy Thanksgiving

@alliepants Oh, someone (was it yoouuu?) linked to this essay earlier in the year and it was a revelation for me. Everyone should read it and then frame it in their soul.

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On Are You in the Running to Become America's Next Top Dinner Guest?

@kdub HOW? Teach me your ways.

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On Sympathy for Liz

@Faintly Macabre NO WAY! For years, I thought I made it up.

@everyone The trapped sister had to run/was being dragged along with the train, and a tunnel was coming up so her sister kind of blocked her way with her body, I guess?

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