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On Off Balance

@downcomforter Word. Dominique was what 12? My almost 8 year old weighed 65lbs this morning! Craziness!

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On "As daughters do on wedding days, mine took my breath away"

blinking rapidly...

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Passion of Laurence Olivier

Ahh! The picture with the sunglasses and his shirt open to just there!

And, Brando with the arms!!

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On The Best Time I Took My Baby to the Emergency Room

Ahh! This happened to me - more than once! Not always my kid! Ex 1: I'm watching my boss's kid at a work gathering. The kid is strapped in the carseat in a large SUV-type vehicle BUT the seat is not connected to the car's seat. I turn away and the kid rocks his weight enough to throw the seat out of the car onto the asphalt three feet below. I cried ugly tears for about an hour. Kid is FINE but sports a large bump on his head in all his christening photos. He's receiving an academic award at his high school tomorrow so his brain is all good. Ex 2: my oldest daughter rolled off the bed the first day in our new house - I cried in the front yard as I waited for the ambulance to show up. Met all our neighbors right away! She's fine and doing great in first grade. It always seems to happen around 4 to 6 months - when you finally realize they aren't going to die just because you look away. Then, you look away and they get hurt. Damn kids.

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On Meditations on 13 Bits of Graffiti in the Ladies' Room at the Pub Trivia Bar

@Lauren_O'Neal HITW - Great bar! Live music, pool tables, beer and only a block from the co-op! It's been 20 years (sob!) but the memories live on! They are hazy but good.

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On Daughters! What Are You Gonna Do

@wharrgarbl Word. My daughter is 7 and weighs 70 lbs at 4' 6" and she IS NOT OBESE. She is not even fat. She is in the highest of percentiles for height and weight. Has been since birth (9 lbs & 21" long)! She is taller than a lot of her classmates. She is active and healthy. Her younger sister is petite and in the 25th percentile also since birth. People they be different.

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On Daughters! What Are You Gonna Do

@D.@twitter I did the math and Bea was at the 95th percentile for her age and considered overweight not obese. Losing 16 pounds and growing 2 inches in a year only reduced it to the 87th percentile. 7 percentage points vs a lifetime of feeling less than because your mom is obsessed with appearances? Bad deal for little Bea.

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On Daughters! What Are You Gonna Do

Gah! Hate this mom and her ilk. Those 16 pounds would do FAR LESS damage to young Bea than all this woman's crazy. She is 7 FFS! What happens when she reaches puberty and things really start to change? Now I'm so sad.

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On Fantasies, Expiration Dates, and the Vasectomy

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