On What Do You Wear Around the House?

My at-home wear consists of yoga pants and a series of ratty tank tops. Occasionally I mix it up with my fleece "sleep pants" featuring the Grinch. My husband used to scoff at me for changing into my cozies whenever I got home from work, but this Christmas I got him some comfy flannel pajama pants. He tried them on and then looked at me, wide-eyed, and whispered "So THIS is why you always wear cozies! They are so... comfortable...amazing..." And now he is converted, and we both wear snuggly pajamas and watch too much TV. Marriage is fun!

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Naked Sisters and the Coin Purse

Rubbing in lotion-sunscreen: gross, smelly, slippery.
Misting self in spray-sunscreen: SO easy, non-greasy, dry.

Take it from a pale lady who lives in Hawaii and uses this stuff every day.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Here We Go Again With the Roaches

Oh god, roaches are horrid. There are two creatures on this earth I cannot abide: roaches, and monkeys. I can destroy or relocate any other critter in the house, but if there's a roach (or a monkey, which is much less likely), I squeal in terror and make my husband kill it.

The coffee tip is good... I should check the sealant on my tin.

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On Ask a Clean Person's Gross Substitute

Hawaiian roaches! The grossest. Roaches are the only skittery crittery I can't stand. Stuff roach traps EVERYWHERE (only make sure a curious puppy can't get to them)- the Raid ones work best. Change the traps faithfully every month. Also, never ever ever leave food out on the counters; not even on dirty dishes in the sink. With a good bit of luck and a treaty with the local geckos, you'll be ok. Then you just have to worry about the long deadly centipedes, the huge fat poisonous toads, and the odd massive snails.

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On The Slow Death of the Diamond Engagement Ring

My wedding ring is white gold with a white pearl and two emeralds. :) The Boy himself designed it, because I always thought diamonds were too in-your-face-sparkly. I adore my ring, even though it turns out I can't wear it every day because surprise! Pearls are apparently uber delicate and can't handle contact with anything stronger than air. Oh well. It's still purty.

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On My Dad's Beef-and-Yogurt Casserole

I made this!!! Rabid carnivore husband declared it a success despite the addition of carrots. Mmmmm! I halved the recipe, since there's no way the two of us could eat that much stew-ish-ness in a couple days.

My only question for Nicole is: is the broth supposed to be creamy or clear by the time it's done? 'Cause I used the same ratios of yogurt-to-beef, but it separated while cooking and came out sort of like beef broth with flecks of yogurty specks. I mean, it is delicious! But it looked a bit weird. But it was super tasty.

FYI, I made it with these biscuits ('cept I added cheese). And they are the most epic biscuits I've made. You know those kind that you get at Red Lobster, and they're all cheesey and salty and you eat so many that you can't even eat your shrimp alfredo and then you feel guilty but BISCUITS ARE GOD and you go home with an entire styrofoam clamshell of leftover shrimp and more pirated biscuits? This is a recipe for those kind of biscuits. http://smittenkitchen.com/2007/05/my-bacon-is-always-crisp/

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On Get Rid of Yourself, Seriously, You Are Revolting

A first, and then D, and then briefly debate B, and then A again.

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On Nicknames

Turkey Muffin and Space Penguin.

ORRRRR Puppy and Grumpy.

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On Do You Wear Underwear Under Leggings and Tights?

Yet another reason why I love the Hairpin. <3

Underwears always! Except when sleeping. (NEKKID TIMES.) I just feel cleaner with underwear on, even under tights and leggings. However, I abhor panty lines, so I will usually wear a thong. I abhor thongs slightly less than I do panty lines.

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On How to Catch a Hairball

I have to confess, I used Drano for years. I know, I know, I am killing the environment. :( However! Recently I cut ALLLLL my hair off. It was down to my waist, and I had it chopped in an adorable pixie (a la Emma Watson). Since then, no more snargles of long, gross hairballs leering at me from inside the tub drain. Hurrah!

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