On Can We Do Red Velvet v. Carrot Instead?

@anachronistique The ones we've done at my bakery someone does know -- often one of the grandmas has received the sonogram results and orders the cake. Or I guess they could ask for the results in an envelope to bring in to the bakery? I feel like if I were a sonogram technician, I'd be annoyed about the cloak-and-dagger aspect. We want you to diagnose the sex! But we don't want to know it! You can tell this other person, and she will indirectly tell us through the medium of buttercream in a few days!

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On Can We Do Red Velvet v. Carrot Instead?

I work at a bakery while I'm finishing my PhD, and we've started to get these orders. I'm always tempted to put in the wrong color, or make it ambiguous. I guess it's whatever floats your boat, but I'd rather not have an audience when I receive news like that. Also, the people ordering them always act like it's the most amazing, delightful, original idea for a shower, and we have to squee along. I want someone to have us put an Aliens-style chestburster on a baby cake. That would be a fun shower.

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On Can We Do Red Velvet v. Carrot Instead?

@Equestrienne I think it would be awkward to have an audience for that sort of thing ... not like someone is likely to go, "Ugh, really?" when they find out it's a boy or whatever, but more like it's a private moment that you want to celebrate with your partner before the whole world knows about it?

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On Can We Do Red Velvet v. Carrot Instead?

@beeline96 "Yes! It's a baby!"

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On Beauty Q&A: Hangover Face, Nail Wraps, and Pimping Your Ride

@chickaboom Hahaha! Probably.

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On Beauty Q&A: Hangover Face, Nail Wraps, and Pimping Your Ride

My dad gave me a great hangover prevention tip when I turned 21: sleep warm. Drink a bunch of water and then pile on the blankets when you go to bed. You will not get a good night's sleep, because you'll be too hot, but you won't get a good night's sleep drunk anyway, so no loss there. I don't know why it works, but it seems to.

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On UTI News

"The results revealed that the standard method to catch urine in a cup poses problems, because bacteria from the vagina often contaminate these specimens. In contrast, urine collection using a catheter or a needle was effective and comparable between tests."

... I really do not relish the idea of facing a catheter the next time I need to be checked for a UTI.

Also! I was getting a million UTIs for awhile, but then I started taking vitamin D supplements because I hypothesized that its role in immune regulation meant it could help my asthma and allergies. I haven't had a UTI since. My lung guns (rescue inhalers) now last over a year instead of a month, too. Not sure if that's correlation or causation, though.

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On Types of Young Ladies

@leon.saintjean Also as a free PDF or ePUB from Google! http://books.google.com/books?id=NA0lAAAAMAAJ

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On The Slow Death of the Diamond Engagement Ring

@Steph Look at sapphires and rubies (which are actually just red sapphires) -- they are just a bit softer than diamonds, so are still strong enough to last with frequent/daily wear, come in a huge range of colors, and are much less expensive. We found a vintage (most likely 1950s) white gold shield ring with rubies and a small diamond for $500 on eBay. Because the setting is made up of multiple small stones, it has a lot of visual impact without the cost of a large stone.

And for metals, consider palladium -- its properties are virtually identical to platinum (same rarity, non-corroding, hypoallergenic, deforms rather than wears away, very similar appearance) but it is way cheaper. It also has vintage appeal -- during WWII when platinum was declared a strategic metal, many wedding bands were made of palladium instead (my grandmother's ring was palladium).

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On How to Bring Your Lunch to Work: A Guide

@KeLynn I am pretty careful about food logging and I like to make fresh lunches too -- I prewash lettuce and prewash and chop veggies and keep them in baggies or tupperwares. I prep several days' worth of egg salad, chicken salad, or boiled eggs, beans, cubed cold cuts, etc. Then in the morning I just have to measure my salad makings out of the containers. It's sort of halfway between making everything ahead and making everything day-of. I don't know if this works with your food logging, but I calculated the nutrition info for the veggies I use as my lunch salad base (I did this in the Lose It app, but can also do at nutrition data.com) and then can just plug that in to my log instead of entering the ingredients individually.

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