On Welcome Home

@MoxyCrimeFighter SECONDED. I am currently sitting in my childhood room a year after grad school and my dad just yelled at me to clean my room :\

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On Interview with a Person Whose Mom Came Out of the Closet

@pterodactylish This is pretty common, unfortunately :( I was a TA at an art camp and we couldn't photograph students' faces for the same reason. Also, when I was a student teacher, I had to send release forms to all the parents in the classes I taught letting them know I had to document my lessons and needed their signature to take photos of their kids while they worked.

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@SarcasticFringehead Oh god, I took this awful literature class in college where we had to read Anne McCaffrey's Power Lines. All I remember is this girl was dating a guy who was a selkie and they had sex while he was in seal form. I stopped reading it after that because WHAT (also, so many questions about mechanics). Ugh, the worst was hearing my professor go "wasn't that romantic??" when we were discussing the scene.

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On Friday Open Thread

@supernintendochalmers I use Laura Mercier's. It has just the right amount of coverage without being too heavy, but it is also $40. The pricetag hurts, but the other drugstore tinted moisturizers weren't pigmented enough or didn't match my skin tone. I've heard Prestige Cosmetics just came out with a bb cream that's comparable to LM's and other fancier tinted moisturizers and is only $11, so that might be worth checking out!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Briony Fields I get a low-grade fever right before and during my period on top of massive cramps. My period just came right when I was starting a new temp placement and I am so glad that I was scheduled for half days because there was no way my body was going to let a full workday happen.

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On Friday Open Thread

@miss buenos aires Set up an Amazon wish list! My dad loves giving gifts but is really terrible at picking them out, which meant we routinely got chia pets for Christmas. I sent him the link and he was pretty relieved because it took out the guess work for him and he liked knowing that he was getting something I would definitely use.

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On Friday Open Thread

@snowlate Not quite the same situation; I recently finished grad school and realized that I didn't really want a career in what I got a degree in, and trying to get a simple office job has been a nightmare since I don't have relavent experience. Because obviously I should have been working full time on top of working on two degrees simultaneously. I've also gone the route of temping and it's working out pretty well! It's not a ton of money, but it's covering my loans, and my agency also offers benefits!

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On Friday Open Thread

@lookuplookup Try looking at Kohls! That's usually one of my first stops for work clothes. They have a decent amount of basics, plus they have frequent sales!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Best pun ever. I'm with @ghechr on checking out meetup.com. I was on there the other day and was really excited to find there was a group specifically for ladies in the area looking to make friends. They do things like go to movies, brunches, happy hour, and picnics when it's nice out. Maybe there's something like that in your area or you could always start one!

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On Friday Open Thread

@kangerine Seconding Clinique's Almost Lipsticks! I got one in black honey a week ago and have not stopped wearing it since; such an awesome shade and it feels so light! Also, Nyx has a line of matte lipsticks that are super nice!

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