On How to Make a Successful TV Drama

Let's see how this matches up with my favorite show currently on TV.

Teenage girls and/or women with astoundingly fantastic hair, check.
Rituals with masks, metaphorical check.
Plaid, check.
Teenage girls and/or women with astoundingly fantastic skin, check.
Vast quantities of alcohol, check.
Men with amazing forearms, check.*
Taxidermy, check.**
Unusual teeth, check.
Amazing breasts, check.
People or things being underwater, check.***
Hot guys with secrets, OH YES CHECK.
Women with scratchy voices, DOUBLE CHECK LIKE ALL OF THEM.

It's official, RuPaul's Drag Race is the best drama on television right now. You heard it here first.

* Cf. "Pit Crew"
* Stuffed crows, "Game of Thrones" outfit.
** Last season premiere, "I was giving Helen Keller drowning realness". Don't ask.

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On Every Dress Worn by Best Actress Oscar Winners, 1929-Present

@Katyola : The dress that Cotillard wore in '08 was at the Brooklyn Museum's Gaultier show! (I'm pretty sure that was it -- after 6 or 7 rooms,* you kind of hit peak Gaultier.**)

* Approximately 120 ensembles, with two or three more rooms to go. God, it was a lot of Gaultier.

** Peak Gaultier is characterized by symptoms including blurred vision, nausea, visual hallucinations of horizontal blue-and-white stripes, involuntary smacking motions with the hands, and an overwhelming urge to raid your grandmother's underwear drawer.

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On Not True Detective But

@cmeggles : Since "The Conspiracy Against the Human Race" is on my bedside table RIGHT NOW, I should watch this thing, huh?

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On The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week One

@mochi : I have! I'm sorry to say it's not very good.

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On The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week One

@mochi : Oh, absolutely agreed. Lady Snowblood is awesome, and grim as hell.

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On The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week One

I suppose Sympathy for Lady Vengeance was too on-the-nose, but, c'mon BAM, not even the version that slowly desaturates over the course of the movie? That's some serious art-house-meets-revenge-flick convergence right there.

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On "I still had 14 or 15 hours to go. But for me that's a training swim." *nods*

I know the joke's been made multiple thousands of times, but every time I read her name I think that maybe there is something to nominative determinism after all.

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On The Kitchen Of Tomorrow


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On NYT Magazine's Hillary Cover Makes No Sense: A Brief Scientific Chat

@Prabir Majumder : You said it, man.

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On Dating Profiles, Edited for Honesty

@Cụ Thịnh@facebook : And thus is a spambot hoisted on its own petard, etc, etc.

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