On Rose Bertin, The First Celebrity Stylist

On a similar note, I have to recommend Elisabeth de Feydeau's A Scented Palace: The Secret History of Marie Antoinette’s Perfumer. I mean, how could you not want to read that?

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On The Truth About Your Smile

@weeZee , @chaoticgirlie : As a person with super tight spaces between my teeth, I am constantly looking for better floss. Most floss gets stuck between my teeth, or shreds, or shreds and gets stuck which is a particular delight.

My dentist is super helpful and basically gives me a new type of floss to test out every time I come in for a cleaning. Last time, he hooked me up with the Reach Total Care you mentioned, and it is a damn game-changer. It's thin enough that I can use it, but it's super durable too. Recommend recommend recommend.

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On Jenny Diski's Shoes

@Haley Mlotek : I'm glad to hear that!

I'm not sure why I was surprised that the New Yorker has such standout fashion writing, but it really does. Basically, anyone who ever took a gig writing about fashion for the New Yorker is worth reading on just about anything (cf. Kennedy Fraser).

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On Jenny Diski's Shoes

I'm a bit late to this thread, but you might also enjoy Judith Thurman's fashion writing for the New Yorker. I've just finished reading her collection of essays, Cleopatra's Nose, and it's excellent.

Here is a link to the Rei Kawakubo profile she wrote back in 2005, which originally turned me on to the rest of her writing :


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On Canadian Man Wins Canadian Prize

I encourage you to download some of Clara Rockmore's theremin work, because it is absolutely thrilling. Her recorded material is entirely interpretations of classical pieces scored for two parts, where she plays the lead while her sister accompanies her on piano. Because of the theremin's unique qualities, this means that she plays pieces where the lead is a stringed instrument or a woodwind or even a solo voice. It's both very alien and very moving.

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On Ghosts Of My Youth

@happymisanthrope : The face and the mustache! Because, of course -- you got a good mustache, you want to hold onto that, even when you become a human-faced ghost bulldog.

Thanks for the book recommendation -- I'll go look that up right now!

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On Ghosts Of My Youth

DAMN I love good ghost stories. Keep 'em coming!

Also, your dad's story about the cat is very "classical ghost story," if you get me. It's like something you'd read in one of those ghost-stories-of-the-old-west books, or maybe the Brothers Grimm ("only this time, (the cat) seemed a lot larger than it had a few minutes ago"). Awesome.

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On The Witch In All Of Us

@BethJ, @Jaya : All comments sections are improved by authors' moms. It's a fact.

@Jazmine Hughes : YES IMMEDIATELY.

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On 13 SpoOOoky Witchcraft And Magic Museums To Visit

@Jolie Kerr : NECROPANTS -- now with infinite-money-generating scrotum! (Warning : once worn, necropants may not be removed without risking forfeiture of your immortal soul; poor widow's coin not included)

Alternate take : Necropants! / Say it loud and there's music playing / Say it soft and its almost like the skin from a dead guy's legs and crotch adhered to your own / Necropants! / I'll never stop saying ... Necropants! / etc. etc.

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On 13 SpoOOoky Witchcraft And Magic Museums To Visit

Just popping in to mention that #4 there has on display a replica pair of "necropants," which, well, I'll just let them explain :

... you must ... flay the skin of the corpse in one piece from the waist down. As soon as you step into the pants they will stick to your own skin. A coin must be stolen from a poor widow and placed in the scrotum along with the magical sign, nábrókarstafur, written on a piece of paper. Consequently the coin will draw money into the scrotum so it will never be empty, as long as the original coin is not removed.

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