On Up in Smoke

i've had a thing about the beaumont children for years. i even wrote a poem about them, back in like....2007 (it wasn't good). but it's something i've been fascinated by, something that haunts me. those children.

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On Answers to "What's That Thing on Your Baby's Head?"

ugh. people are such busybodies. how about "where are your manners?" or "why do you have such a big mouth?" or "she's an ALIEN!"

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On One of Those Things Nobody Talks About

what a beautiful, honest, heartbreaking piece. thank you for sharing this.

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On How to Catch a Hairball


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On The Ninth Weekly Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

GYPSY? Can we see "You Gotta Get a A Gimmick" from the Natalie Wood movie? Strippers with hearts of gold teaching young shy nerdy girl how to strip?!! Please.

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On Bad Irene "Jokes"

i'm reening.

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On Mermaids in Vegas: The Mermaid Convention

did she just say poetess?

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On Help Us, Clean But Not Super Unreasonable People!

i wash mine every couple weeks, more often when it's summer and the bra bears the brunt of the sweating.

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On Woman's Name Sounds Like Stadium

i just love their accents.

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On Different Categories of People Without A/C in Order of the Reasonable Sympathy One Bears for Them

i live in the southern NM desert and it BLOWS MY MIND to think about, like, conquistadors settling this land and wearing armor and leather and stuff with like almost no water to drink. this landscape must have blown their minds. also i have only a swamp cooler and it's still hot as hell, so my hats go off to anyone who lived here before modern cooling.

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