How to Make the Special K Diet Work for You

Having done the Special K diet a couple years ago, I know that some of you are undoubtedly struggling to get through your two weeks of self-inflicted cereal purgatory. I know I was! For the three days that I did it. So for those brave few, here are a few quick tips to make your jaws go up and down enough times to get through the next 14 days: READ MORE

Meat and You: Partners in Freedom, or How "Lisa The Vegetarian" Convinced Me to Give Up Meat at 11

The Simpsons have been running their game for 21 years this December, since I was in kindergarten. So it was really only a matter of time before this show, the second most important constant in my life (after my parents, and just barely) revealed exactly how it has influenced my development as a human being. For me, that moment was when the episode "Lisa the Vegetarian" (Season 7, Episode 5) converted my 11-year-old self to vegetarianism. READ MORE

I Didn't Know Other People Didn't Know I Wasn't Pregnant

Coming home on the subway last week, a strange thing happened. As I stood there sleepily gripping the bar, I saw out of the corner of my eye a young woman smiling and gesturing at me. I turned to her with my worker-drone eyes as she began to rise, butt half-lifted off the bench, and I realized she was gesturing for me to sit down. To take a load off. These old bones could use a rest, my animal brain thought, and I took a step toward her. She was about my age with a gentle, encouraging smile and a delicate butterfly tattoo on the side of one of her jugs. Who was this girl, I thought. A subway angel? But I didn’t sit down just yet. READ MORE