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By tofuswalkman on Beverages I Have Loved


Posted on March 25, 2015 at 2:25 pm 1

By tofuswalkman on Beverages I Have Loved

@lobsterhug put a couple dashes of bitters in yr sparkly lime water & thank me later

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By coolallison on Friday Open Thread

So the hubs and I have decided that we might actually be sticking around in this city, and that maybe it's time to buy a house. So we filled out the pre-qualification forms, thinking it will be no problem. We both have rockin' credit. And then today, the mortgage lady calls me to tell me that there is a $58 medical bill that has been sent to collections, and my credit score has plummeted from where it was just like, a month ago. I had no idea that I owed anyone $58, but I would have paid that ish off had I known about it. And now, it's really putting a damper on our home-buying plans. For $58?!? I was all mad that someone could send it to collections without me knowing about it, but after talking to the agency, it sounds like they were sending it to a really old address plus with my maiden name, so I guess that's why I had no idea? STILL THOUGH. HOW CAN A $58 DOCTOR BILL RUIN MY CREDIT SO BADLY? Ugh.

I mean, it's paid now and I'm sure it will all be fine, I just wanted to vent for a minute.

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By lizmcmedia on Johnny Weir's Sochi Looks

Johnny Weir is 100% a citizen from Panem's capitol, making this year's Olympics just a little bit more like a real-life Hunger Games.

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By Princess Jasmine on FOUND: The Best Sheets

I wish they made Disney princess bedsheets for double beds. Or Powerpuff Girls...

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By DullHypothesis on The People Have Spoken, and The People Want SWANTS

I fucked up my makeup laugh crying at this.

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By Oliver St. John Mollusc on Interview with a Big Dick

@lobsterhug Something definitely exploded, but it wasn't my ovaries. Eyo! *high five*

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By sayevet on Friday Open Thread

I'm flying to Boston tonight! Where my Boston 'Pinners at??

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By bibliobotic on Interview with a Big Dick

I read the first half of this interview thinking it was a really well-written mock interview with the dick-rock formation in the picture. So that happened.

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By SmartCookie on Interview with a Big Dick

@OhMarie My first was a jackpot dick and I was so young and naive I just assumed that how they all fit. All future dicks have fallen short. Pun intended.

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