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By coolallison on Friday Open Thread

So the hubs and I have decided that we might actually be sticking around in this city, and that maybe it's time to buy a house. So we filled out the pre-qualification forms, thinking it will be no problem. We both have rockin' credit. And then today, the mortgage lady calls me to tell me that there is a $58 medical bill that has been sent to collections, and my credit score has plummeted from where it was just like, a month ago. I had no idea that I owed anyone $58, but I would have paid that ish off had I known about it. And now, it's really putting a damper on our home-buying plans. For $58?!? I was all mad that someone could send it to collections without me knowing about it, but after talking to the agency, it sounds like they were sending it to a really old address plus with my maiden name, so I guess that's why I had no idea? STILL THOUGH. HOW CAN A $58 DOCTOR BILL RUIN MY CREDIT SO BADLY? Ugh.

I mean, it's paid now and I'm sure it will all be fine, I just wanted to vent for a minute.

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By lizmcmedia on Johnny Weir's Sochi Looks

Johnny Weir is 100% a citizen from Panem's capitol, making this year's Olympics just a little bit more like a real-life Hunger Games.

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By Princess Jasmine on FOUND: The Best Sheets

I wish they made Disney princess bedsheets for double beds. Or Powerpuff Girls...

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By DullHypothesis on The People Have Spoken, and The People Want SWANTS

I fucked up my makeup laugh crying at this.

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By Oliver St. John Mollusc on Interview with a Big Dick

@lobsterhug Something definitely exploded, but it wasn't my ovaries. Eyo! *high five*

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By deathcabforcutes on Friday Open Thread

I'm flying to Boston tonight! Where my Boston 'Pinners at??

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By bibliobotic on Interview with a Big Dick

I read the first half of this interview thinking it was a really well-written mock interview with the dick-rock formation in the picture. So that happened.

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By SmartCookie on Interview with a Big Dick

@OhMarie My first was a jackpot dick and I was so young and naive I just assumed that how they all fit. All future dicks have fallen short. Pun intended.

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By fabel on Interview with a Big Dick

Dicks! yay. Also, before everyone gets into a nuanced conversation about how size isn't everything, & the way women orgasm (will that conversation happen? I don't know) I just wanna be like, big dicks are seriously great.

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By iceberg on Friday Open Thread

This week with the BBs:

You haven't seen cute until you've watched three toddlers sharing Nutella toast by taking bites and passing it around. Gently admonishing each other not to drop it and politely asking for their turn. Ridiculous.

Adventures in Raising Feminists:
"Diva, girls can do anything boys can do. You can do anything you want."
"... I want wee-wee."

Started wearing dangly earrings again, now that the kids are older. Diva's reaction: "Ooh your earrings pretty! I want earrings like you mama!" Dimples, apparently interpreting the invitation to look at my earrings as a threat to forcibly pierce her ears, tearfully: "I no want holes!"

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