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@kokeefeish Um...can I eat at your house for Christmas?

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By samafaye on The 50 States in Order of Happiness

@boyofdestiny whew, you're probably right. i was taken aback by the outlandishness of it all. like, surely no one from New Jersey could blame North Jersey for bringing any rankings down.

unless of course they were from SOUTH JERSEY.

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By kokeefeish on Skipped Weddings, the Sex Talk, and Attracting the Attractive

Talking about sex to kids is easy. Start with basics early and keep it an open dialogue and age appropriate. My 18 year old now gets the "no means no, and always use a condom" and the ten year old gets the "yeah, you’re gonna notice some changes and some things feel really good. Please limit your shower time and lock your bedroom door because we do not need to share in your discoveries."

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