On Recipes

Thanksgiving and/or Christmas is not complete without our family tortellini soup. We hand make the tortellini based on my Mom’s family (early 20th century) recipe. It’s got Mortadella, pork, parm and nutmeg and although the filling looks nasty, these little treats are so awesome in a big bowl of chicken broth with grated parm. We finally stopped making the homemade pasta a few years ago and have been using wanton wrappers to cut down on time.

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On Ooh Daydrinker

Summer and day drinking go together like water and sunshine.

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On There's Gold in Them There Tickets. GOLD!

@ihatesomuch Me too! there is a "Private Island" search option.

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On The 50 States in Order of Happiness

Suck it New York. ~New Jersey

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On Ice Cube's "Good Day" Found

13 days before my wedding day. It was most likely a stressful day.

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On Were You Alive In...

Glad to see a few Hairpins alive during the sixties. I was there for most of that year.

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On Ask a Clean Person: The Basics

@cherrispryte Fabuloso with vinegar and water is the ultimate everyday kitchen cleaning spray.

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On Were You Alive In...

@ann aunamis King of the Wild Frontier! I was eleven and an Ant Person.

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On Skipped Weddings, the Sex Talk, and Attracting the Attractive

Talking about sex to kids is easy. Start with basics early and keep it an open dialogue and age appropriate. My 18 year old now gets the "no means no, and always use a condom" and the ten year old gets the "yeah, you’re gonna notice some changes and some things feel really good. Please limit your shower time and lock your bedroom door because we do not need to share in your discoveries."

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