On Friday Open Thread

@Absurd Bird Thanks for allowing me to indulge that fantasy :)
My husband and I live a few hours from the rest of our family, which makes it hard to get outside help. He had his first seizure at age 30 awhile back, and the resulting tests turned up some crazy things. Until he's given a clean bill of health (and is allowed to drive again!), I'm in the caretaker role. As for work - it's a bit of an issue. I'm tired of being a squeaky wheel about it and not seeing results, and have resigned myself to counting down the days til mat leave starts.

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On Friday Open Thread

@hallelujah Being Canadian, I'm lucky that having to start mat leave early wouldn't be a huge blow financially, so it is an option. There's still the guilt that would come with leaving my office in a bit of a lurch, but with every passing day the "eff this nonsense" feeling grows stronger.

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On Friday Open Thread

@coolallison YES! I am glad someone understands and doesn't think I'm some sort of monster to be crossing her fingers for medically-mandated sloth time.
My mom told me before that, with her childbearing years far behind her, she secretly hopes for the long recovery time that comes with a hysterectomy.
Also - thanks!

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On Friday Open Thread

@PomoFrannyGlass This week was hideous. My unexpected bright spot came yesterday, when my drugstore was selling Oscar Blandi dry shampoo for $2. That's -- 91% off, and something I otherwise would not have picked up.
I like nice things, but I write for a living, so.

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On Friday Open Thread

Unpopular opinion alert!
I am 31 weeks pregnant with bad swelling (toxemia?), high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and low iron. I've had all kinds of bonus doctor's appointments recently, and my big, secret wish is that someone will tell me I need to cease working immediately and go on bed rest.
I have serious guilt about this fantasy, because I don't want anything to be endangering my little girl ... but after months of doing the work of two people (I'm a news reporter) and caring for my suspiciously sick, no-longer-allowed-to-drive husband, I just want someone to prescribe me naps and Netflix marathons.

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On Name That Book!

@Leanne Does she have an older sister, who maybe gives her bone marrow?
I remember the bruising and bleeding gums as what tipped her off. Looking for these signs made me a tween hypochondriac.

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On Name That Book!

@MsGray I had forgotten that I so loved Ann M. Martin I felt the need to read her entire oeuvre. BSC was my JAM.

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On Name That Book!

@Blackwatch Plaid Eleven Kids, One Summer? Which followed Ten Kids, No Pets?

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On Name That Book!

@Blackwatch Plaid WAIT. It's a big family? Maybe they are on Fire Island? For some reason, the Lyme disease angle sticks with me. Was it a non-BSC Ann M. Martin?

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On Shared Spaces, Lie-Measurement, and the Manageable Hassle

I agree with this Dude when he says maybe some women believe men expect to do the cleaning, which is not the case.
Housework was a major source of tension for me and my husband (then-fiance) when I first moved in; we both worked full time, but I believed the onus was solely on me to keep up with our home.
This lead to lots of resentment that was probably unwarranted, as he never actually seemed to believe it was my job to get shiz done.

Fast-forward a year or so, and we decided hiring a part-time housekeeper would be a wise investment.

We even keep a stack of (recycled) paper plates and (biodegradable) cups for times when we have too much going on to deal with a mountain of dishes (see: my relentless, all-day morning sickness, his working overtime).

I have zero guilt about this; outsourcing some of the domestic stuff means we have more time to hang with each other, which is awesome.

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