On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)
1. Wearing my hair down because my grays are less obvious (I should probably dye my hair or something, oh well)
2. Basketball, surprisingly enough.
3. Pies
4. My neighborhood
5. The Good Wife (still only in Season 4...although I may have spoiled S5 drama after seeing a CBS commercial!! ugh.)

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On Friday Open Thread

I asked for a promotion this week. DOES THAT MAKE ME SHERYL SANDBERG APPROVED!?

*I don't know yet if I will get said promotion, because I work in a bureaucracy factory otherwise known as academia. But my boss said he would look into the paperwork/steps required!

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On Friday Open Thread

@buckachu True enough...even limiting myself to a few drinks on the weekend would be a pretty good adjustment. Perhaps that will be my February after taking the month off. Right now, the lack of alcohol calories is helping my other resolutions :)

@up cubed Yeah, I'm hoping it won't be so cold this weekend and I can get in some outdoor runs with the dog. Mostly it complicates things with dinner schedule, since letting Mr. PhiPsi loose in the kitchen doesn't always produce the healthiest options (although it will be delicious!)

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On Friday Open Thread

@up cubed Count me in for dryuary...it's actually been fine. Trying to decide if I will make it the entire month or drink at my friend's birthday party at the end of the month.

Currently trying to decide on an exercise schedule. Last night was my first night at the gym...I had been running up until early December, until the weather started to get shitty and cold in the Midwest. And then holidays and then polar vortex, so yeah. Gym was rough. Need to keep it on the regs.

I feel like I've been consistently making progress on my health/fitness goals over the last few years, so I'm at the point where I don't need to START OVER every January 1. I know the drill. I know how to eat healthy, how to plans meals for the week, how to make satisfying lunches. I just need to get back in the habit of DOING THESE THINGS. It gets easier every time, I think.

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On 10 Years, Actually: Sarah & Karl, Jamie & Aurélia


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On Friday Open Thread

I got in a huge internet argument with two dudes (one a friend, one not a friend) about Gavin McInnes' rant against feminism:

The non-friend told me he doesn't "debate with feminists, just like flat-earth believers and creationists" and also saying that men and women should be equal is like saying that women are just "men with tits." The non-friend is also a ranty semi-conservative semi-MRA blogger who defends MRA type people and says ladeeez are overreacting to just about everything. The original friend that posted it, I used to at least sort of respect his opinions, so him posting it (and saying it made "good points") really got me going in the first place.

Anyways. How do you handle these douchecanoes? Do you just walk away?

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On Friday Open Thread

@rosaline None in my 'hood, two years running. We live too close to a college campus. *whomp whomp*

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On Friday Open Thread

My friend is having a bachelorette party this weekend!

For her gift, I'm putting together a "hipster nonsense" party-in-a-bag.

So far: craft beers, fair trade chocolate, homemade salsa, organic tortilla chips, some of these goofy multi-purpose coozies I found that are pretty nifty: http://www.freakerusa.com/

Other ideas?

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On We're All Jerks

Anybody else out there that cannot stop hate-reading blogs and ragging on their authors? Yeah. You know what site I'm talking about. I've never been into celebrity gossip or politics really...but man...I love hate-reading blogs and it makes me feel so guilty! I have other, more constructive hobbies and consider myself a fairly positive person except for this one guilty pleasure.

The bad thing is that it's starting to seep into other parts of my life. I hate-read people's Facebook pages and rag on them for being lazy and whiny. I should stop! I need to stop. But it feels so goooood.

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On When Life Tears Bill Nye's Quadricep, Bill Nye Puts On a Robot Suit and Exits Reality TV to the Tune of "Get Lucky"

Love Bill! Saw him speak last year and he was just fantabulous. He is also one of my favorite humans!

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