On Is Enya Feminist Enough?

This is the best thing I have ever read on the internet.

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On Brain Trouble

@siniichulok Oh, amen. I spent most of my life not realizing that what migraine sufferers deserve the most sympathy for isn't the excruciating pain, but putting up with reactions that partake equally of cluelessness and of the inevitable "Oh, but have you tried . . . ?" Then I met my partner, whose severe migraines morphed into a much worse condition. Now I want to slug anyone within a 100 foot radius who ever so much as utters the words "Oh, but have you tried . . . ?" Srsly, bitch? This condition that's dominated our entire lives and drained our bank account? You think we've just been sitting here doing nothing until a random stranger at a cocktail party comes up with a solution to our problem? (and it's almost always bio-feedback. Or Juiceplus (TM) Saints preserve us from the Juiceplus people).

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On Probable Upcoming Female-Centric Trend Pieces

Thirteen-Year-Olds Wearing Low-Cut Tops Still Not as Big of a Problem as Global Warming

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On 105 Years of Anne of Green Gables Covers

@ChaChaTwister But only if the cover also called her "Cordelia of Green Gables" or "Aurora Leigh of Green Gables."

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On 105 Years of Anne of Green Gables Covers

@ipomoea Just the general demographic of The Hairpin, I'd guess.

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On Young Women Refusing to Commit (to Nun Life)

My aunt was a nun, a fabulously competent woman who ran an entire school district, directed the regional affiliation of convents, oversaw a nursing home. She remains my model of a successful career woman because she was really good at what she did, and she also made sure that what she did conformed to her deeply held values.

So I just feel like I need to say that nuns are righteous:


They speak out for the poor:


And they also critique the church's own narrow teachings:


And you know, it feels all self-righteous to get mad at the Catholic Church for being a bunch of privileged male patriarchs, so by all means do that, but getting all smugly post-theist-pissed isn't going to change anything. If you feel like a nun changed your life a teeny bit, you can google whatever order (Was she a Dominican? A Sister of Providence? A Felician?) she was from, and you will almost inevitably find contact information which will let you send some money to her order's retirement funds. I dare you to do it.

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On The Marriage Pie

@angelinha Internet dating. After five years of excruciating and unrewarding experiences with internet dating. It was kind of miraculous.

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On The Marriage Pie

100% I just found someone I like being married to.

Sorry for the lack of irony -- but that's just how it happened.

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On New Movie PR

@Lily Rowan -- Yes, technically, she is "Mrs. Witherspoon." If you're a married woman who hasn't taken your husband's last name, it is technically correct to call you "Mrs. Yourownlastname."

Most journalism house styles don't use "Mrs." or "Miss," so it's dorky and old-fashioned, but it's technically correct.

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On Let's Talk a Bit About the Woman Who Regrets Her Kids

@Shara Ok -- it's cool to hate parenthood ( I think even people who love parenthood hate parenthood at least 40% of the time), but my concrete question to you is what would you like a friend to say back, if you said "Wow, I really regret having this kid?" Because I have a friend who's constantly bagging on her 8-yr old, telling me "Kids are so boring, I never would have done this if I'd known, God, I'd pay someone to take her now" and I really don't have the slightest idea what to say back. And because I hang out with her AND her 8-yr old (who I like -- she's a neat 8-yer old), it feels slightly disloyal to sit there and say "Oh, yeah, you're right, she's a complete cunt." The power dynamics seem a bit unevenly skewed toward my friend and away from the small child at this point. I try to be sympathetic in a "Parenthood must be very trying for you" kind of way, but then, there IS another human being involved whose thriving does matter, and I don't know how to deal with that in a fair way.

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