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On Friday Open Thread

@phipsi Oh, so this is where the "I'm Going to Fix Everyone" support group meets.

This week, I sent a lengthy email to a close relative who is coming apart at the seams thanks to a series of big, converging life challenges. Problem is that relative seems to be, on some level, enjoying it a bit (not really, but you know what I mean). After beating myself up and forcing MLibrarian to listen to me go on about what we could do, I sent an email detailing concrete steps that might be taken to improve the situation and specific things that MLibrarian and I could do to help. It felt good to get it out there and in writing (one of the big life challenges is very possible untreated mental illness which seems to incline relative toward taking messages of love and support from family as brutal, heartless attacks on his/her character, so we must document everything). Next up, I work on accepting the fact that relative will most likely ignore my message and continue on a nasty, nasty path until someone has to put a lot of time/money/effort/all of these things into setting things right.

tl;dr - Who wants a Pimm's?

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On "Women Behave in Ways They Find Sanctioned in Stories Written by Men"

Solution: Just don't read/watch/listen to stuff by men!

Oh. Wait...

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On What Would Tami Taylor Do About the Second Special Session in Texas?

@and it's not even my birthday Let's just write Friday Night Lights fanfiction all day.

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On What Would Tami Taylor Do About the Second Special Session in Texas?

Shirt acquired. I used the cheap shipping option, so the bill will probably pass before I get my shirt lolsob.

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On The American Way of Birth: Pay More

Though I didn't know this was going to happen (because, as some commented above, no one can give you an advance estimate), I ended up paying absolutely nothing for my hospital stay and c-section birth. It's because I'm a state government employee and have insane, cheap, excellent health insurance - JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD. I think I had to pay like $20 out of pocket for a second ultrasound when I was measuring too small for dates (everything was just fine), but that was it. Please justify why this isn't a normal experience, mainsplainy white men who are so terribly concerned about uteri.

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On The Yeezus Pie

@charmcity After I saw someone mention it on here the other day, I am going to be upset if it's not Khaleesi. Seriously upset.

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On The Yeezus Pie

@martinipie I have decided that Kanye shows up at Jay-Z's house and knocks on the door. Beyonce answers, sees him on the step, rolls her eyes, and walks away. Kanye then scampers down to the basement, where Jay-Z has all the Star Wars action figures set up.

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On The Secret to Health Is Sleeping Through Everything

Speaking as someone with a toddler (read: in the throes of a homegrown sleep deprivation study with a population of three), the contrast in mood/sense of well-being/coping abilities between the days when we sleep well and the days we sleep poorly is *incredible*. Reading this reaffirms my commitment to our decision to sleep train the hell out of my kid. It's an incredible amount of work, given our miserable little sleeper, but it's apparently medically necessary. So onward.

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On Friday Open Thread

@ellochka Hells yes.

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On The Craving: One Woman's Salty Confession

@iceberg Lost 15 pounds in my first trimester. Was only able to have Ovaltine for breakfast for months. Later, however, spread cheese on whole wheat crackers, tex-mex foods involving black beans, peanut butter, toast toast toast, and, right at the end, banana bread. All of the time.

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