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On When Friends Have Babies

The most significant post-baby transformation I experienced was a number of my friends turning into awkward weirdoes because I had a kid. But that was about it. Oh, and being tired for several months on end, which, yeah, could probably be mistaken for softness or emotional vulnerability from the outside. But now that that's going away (and the weirdo friends have either gotten used to my utterly boring decision to have a child or moved on), I'm still me. It's really not all that exciting.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Smallison Ugh mushrooms again? Go with the eggplant! I would be so excited about the eggplant!

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On Friday Open Thread

@sophia_h Fwiw, I went eight days over my due date, had to be induced, ended up having a c-section, the whole cascading intervention nightmare that we are supposed to avoid, right down to having a bottle-fed kid instead of a breast-fed one, despite my intentions. My daughter is 14.5 months, big, gorgeous, ahead of the curve developmentally, and just generally awesome. In the end, I have some regrets about the specific way she came into the world, but they are minor and distant, all dwarfed by the fact that she came into the world! And she's great and I love her and she blows me open-mouth kisses. Don't beat yourself up - it will be hard and amazing, no matter what happens.

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On Interview with a Person Who Used to Be Paralyzed

@Derbel McDillet This sounds like a horrible disease and I certainly wouldn't want to have it, but I would like to pause, lovingly, for a moment on the idea of "medicinal potato chips."

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On Goosebumps for Grown-Ups

Mom & Her Smartphone

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On Goosebumps for Grown-Ups

@Emby I've been locked in battle with those little bastards for a week now. We are to the pouring boiling water down all the drains stage of the fight. I think I'm winning.

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On D.I.-Why?: Emily Matchar on the Allure of the “New Domesticity”

@Gwdihw Leaning out so hard I'll be laying down over here if anyone needs me thanks.

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On D.I.-Why?: Emily Matchar on the Allure of the “New Domesticity”

@P.J. Morse Preach. I'm at a new(er) job and I've got coworkers who make a fetish of working 50, 60 hours a week, like they're going to win something for it. It's weird and I don't really see them getting all that much more done than I do, and I draw hard lines about my contracted 40 hour week.

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On Sugared Ice and Underwear Balconies: Arthur Miller on City Life Before Air Conditioning

Heat index of 100 here right now. This is the first summer that I've had more than a lousy window unit. As I sat on my couch last night, wearing a pair of flannel pants, I nearly wept with relief.

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On Friday Open Thread

@SarahP I'd say it's borderline. How many preps do you have for that 4/4?

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