I live with a man to whom I am married and 2 slobbering bulldogs. All 3 feel very comfortable farting unapologetically while in my presense. Sometimes I return the favor. My favorite hobby is convincing myself every 4 months that I am going to finally learn to knit like all of the cool kids and then failing miserably.

On The First Holiday Negotiating In-Law (or Almost-In-Law) Needs and Wants

My husband and I live 600 miles east of where I grew up and 600 miles west of where he grew up. His family is Jewish so Christmas is never an issue. Most people think that we spend Thanksgiving with his family since Christmas is always with my side but we avoid family all together and invite friends over on Thanksgiving Day. I haven't spent Thanksgiving with my family in 10 years. It's magnificent (I love them dearly but, MAGNIFICENT)!

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On The Period Pie

1. I wanted to say that I genuinely really enjoy these pie charts. Thanks, Ann Friedman.
2. The best thing to do during PMS if you are prone to cying for no damn reason, like me, is give yourself a good ole shower cry (or 2). This involves taking a longer than average shower in which you just cry your eyeballs out.
3. My husband loves quoting Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock when he knows I am PMSing, "Uh Oh. Emotions. Are you having your woman times?" Some would be annoyed but I find it highly entertaining.

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On The Lazy Person's Guide to Canning

My mom has made her own jam for years (she even picks her own berries, y'all!). I finally worked up the courage to try it myself last year and it was so much easier than I had expected (although I used store bought berries). I eat PB&J everyday for lunch so learning to make jam has kind of been the greatest thing to happen to my lunch. I also found out that my bread machine makes jam! WHAT! So far I've only made the bluberry but it's pretty bomb-diggity. Plus, when I make bread machine I have a great excuse to clean out the machine and make some bread!

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On New Music From jj, Cat Power, Bethany Cosentino

@Rebecs edit: Matt Molloy's http://www.mattmolloy.com/pub_about.html

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On New Music From jj, Cat Power, Bethany Cosentino

@bookbike I cannot recommend Doolin highly enough. Words cannot describe it. Also, anywhere in Westport, specifically Matt Malone's Pub if you are looking for trad. Dublin is nice but oh how the west will enchant you. I am so deadly serious despite sounding completely bonkers.

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On A Fairytale Wedding

@stonefruit I also got stuck on that part because my husband is from Newton and I kept thinking, "I wonder if he knows this chick?"

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Artificial Sweeteners

Yes to donuts!

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Artificial Sweeteners

@You'll be sorry Jo March Yes! Please write these songs, perform and post them on YouTube and then provide a link!

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Artificial Sweeteners

I have given up the battle on artificial sweeteners. I felt bad about my Diet Coke and Splenda for a while because other ladies would look at me with the scorn and judgement I usually reserve for child abusers and say things like, "That will give you cancer and ruin your life and you will never find true happiness! Long live natural sugars!" Then realized that if the worst part of my diet is that I put 1 lousy splenda in my morning coffee and treat myself to a Diet Coke from time to time, then I'm doing alright. To quote (inappropriately) a great American, "You have to do what works for you, and I think you have to rigorously protect yourself from doing unnecessary things in order to compete with other women."

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On The Chicken Sausage Wrap is Okay

Let's all just go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. You can bring your own non-Dunkin Donuts travel mug and get it refilled for $1. Cost savings and environmentally friendly. And what's that now? You want me to treat myself to a chocolate frosted donut? Well, OK.

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